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Driving myths – most of us will have come across them at some point in our lives. Whether it be the debate about if you can drive without shoes, or the idea that red cars cost more to insure – there are plenty of them to debunk.

Read more to understand the truth behind five common myths surrounding cars, driving and everything in between, so that we can help you separate the fact from the fiction.



Myth 1: Car finance is only available to people with high credit scores

With four in five new cars in the UK currently being purchased or attained via finance, it is simply untrue that only those with high credit scores are accepted for loans. Of course, there are certain providers who will not accept people with poor or no credit, but this does not apply across the board.

There are plenty of modern providers and brokers that focus on offering car finance with bad credit so that those who may not have an ideal rating can still get behind the wheel. These lenders will still assess the eligibility of an applicant based on their credit history and individual circumstances, taking into account a myriad of factors when reaching their decision.



Myth 2: Red cars are more expensive to insure

This is one that you have probably heard before, being one of the most common myths that exist surrounding car insurance, though we’re not entirely sure why. The truth is, a vehicle insurance company will not consider the colour of a car when calculating the cost of car insurance.

The type and model of car being driven, as well as your driving history, age and credit rating, is far more important to insurers. Many won’t even ask about the colour of a vehicle when applying for insurance. So, feel free to buy that lovely bright red car of your dreams – you won’t be paying more for the colour!



Myth 3: Seatbelts and airbags are more dangerous than not

According to research, wearing a seatbelt may reduce the risk of death by 45%, and of serious injury by half, which shows just how essential they are in keeping us safe. Seatbelts are, by far, the most valuable safety device available to help prevent death or injury in drivers and passengers.

Likewise, airbags are also very beneficial, saving far more lives than endangering them. There are some cases of airbag-related injuries, but these absolutely do not outweigh their positive impact.



Myth 4: Buying a car on finance will negatively affect your credit score

With all the conflicting information, advice and news stories about car finance on the web, it can be a difficult area to navigate, particularly for those who haven’t used this method of purchasing before. Many people view car finance with suspicion, but in actual fact, buying a new or used car on finance can, instead, help build up a person’s credit score, so long as they keep abreast of their payment obligations.

Like all other forms of credit, car finance allows people to demonstrate to banks and loan providers that they are good at managing their finances and can be trusted.



Myth 5: Driving barefoot is illegal

In the UK, it is not illegal to drive barefoot or in flip flops, though the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), the regulatory body for driving tests in the country, states that wearing suitable shoes behind the wheel is very important.

This is because driving without shoes does not provide you with the right amount of braking force needed to properly control the car, which is especially necessary in emergency situations. As such, the age-old saying “just because it isn’t illegal, doesn’t make it right” certainly rings true here.

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Common Car Buying Mistakes To Avoid Thu, 04 Apr 2019 09:34:10 +0000 New Cars At Dealer carwitter 1400x840 - Common Car Buying Mistakes To Avoid - Common Car Buying Mistakes To Avoid

There’s a lot to consider when buying a car. Overlooking certain factors or rushing the process could lead to you making a decision you regret. To ensure that you buy the right car for the best price, here are a few common mistakes to be wary of.


Not giving yourself enough time to shop around

Some people are too eager to buy a car and they can end up rushing the process and buying a car after their first test drive. By allowing yourself enough time to look at multiple vehicles, you can guarantee a better chance to find that perfect next vehicle.

Those that rush buying a car tend to end up with cars that are unreliable or unsuitable for their needs because they didn’t take time to compare other options.



Not checking the seller’s reputation

It’s important to consider the reputation of the person you buy from. With independent sellers, there’s no way of gaging how trustworthy someone is, which can make it more of a risk. It’s for this reason that may people buy used cars from dealers.

Of course, there are some dodgy dealerships out there, so always read online reviews and ask friends whether they’ve had good experiences or not. It’s also a good sign if the seller has all the necessary background information and paperwork on the vehicle.


Failing to negotiate the price

Most sellers are willing to negotiate the price of a vehicle, so don’t be too shy to try some haggling. Let the seller know your budget and show enthusiasm – by encouraging them that you’re serious about buying the vehicle, a seller is more likely to drop the price.

You’re often more likely to lower the price by visiting the dealership during a quiet time (i.e. not the weekend). You may also find that the moment you walk away, sellers are more likely to offer dealers if they’re afraid they may lose you as a customer.



Buying extras you didn’t want

Some dealerships may try to sell you extras with your vehicle. This could include anything from a dashcam to a roofbox. Reject these extras if you don’t feel you need them. These extras may not even be that good a deal – you may find you’re able to shop for them cheaper elsewhere and that some sellers are simply throwing them in to push the price up.



Forgetting to consider the running costs

The value of the car itself isn’t the only cost you should consider before settling on a car. Some cars may be high to insure, whilst others may be fuel-guzzlers. If this information isn’t supplied by the seller, make sure to look it up online.

It could also be worth researching into the reliability and repair costs of the vehicle (some cars you wouldn’t expect can have expensive parts), especially if you’re buying a used vehicle.

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RING RPPL200 Micro Jump Starter Power Bank Review Mon, 01 Apr 2019 09:13:24 +0000 RING RPPL200 Micro Jump Starter Power Bank Review 011 carwitter 1400x840 - RING RPPL200 Micro Jump Starter Power Bank Review - RING RPPL200 Micro Jump Starter Power Bank Review

Ring Automotive have recently bought out a smaller and more practical alternative to their whacking great RPP900. This one can fit in your pocket, it's called the RPPL200 Micro Jump Starter.

It even packs some clever tech to juice up your phone at a rapid rate while on the move. This could well be the best jump starter power bank we've ever tested...




What is it?

It's a 6,000 mAh battery pack with the built-in ability to jump start your car if you get stuck, it will also charge your phone or tablet at 5v 2.4 amp or 9v 2.0 amps. That means quick charging, the first time we've seen this on a jump starter power bank.

The pack itself will charge in just 2 hours, that's mainly due to it's smaller than average capacity of 6,000 mAh. Measuring in at H170 x W85 x D19mm it's easy enough to throw in your bag just in case.

It charges via micro USB and has an LED light built in, just hold the power button down for a few seconds to switch it on and off.




Built into the compact battery pack is circuitry that allows 150A starting current with a peak of 300A for a maximum of 3 seconds, that should be enough to fire up diesel or petrol engines up to 2.0 litres in size.



What's it like?

Quite possibly it's the best jump starter we'vereviewed. Why? Simply put, the fast charging for devices and the portability. The RPPL200 is the most practical jump starter Ring have bought out to date, and in this field usability is key.



Most people like to have an external power bank to hand when their devices run out, and while the Ring RPP900 is a safer way to jump start your car with all the fuses and tech built in, it's a more 'leave at home' product rather than one you take out and about, the Ring Micro Jump Starter is the exact opposite.



Construction is nice and tough, the hard plastic feels strong and like it could take a few knocks with ease. While it only has 6,000 mAh that's enough to recharge most smartphones these days at least twice, in the real world expect to get a full charge than about 70/80% again.

Jump starting couldn't be easier. Pull out the rubber protective flap from the pack, slide back the plastic cover and plug in the jump start cables, the pack will then switch itself on. Attach the leads to the positive and negative and jump in the car, crank the starter and hey presto our dead little Peugeot 106 GTi fired into life.

Just remember to not crank the starter for more than 3 seconds at a time, and always remove the power bank once you've got the car started.



Where can I get one?

You can purchase the Ring RPPL200 from Amazon direct, there are also a few floating about on eBay now and then for a little less than the £64.95 RRP.

Full product details can be found here on the Ring Automotive website.



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Why bigger isn’t always better! Small car options suited to the roads of Northern Ireland Mon, 01 Apr 2019 08:11:37 +0000 Dark Hedges near Armoy Co Antrim carwitter 1400x840 - Why bigger isn’t always better! Small car options suited to the roads of Northern Ireland - Why bigger isn’t always better! Small car options suited to the roads of Northern Ireland

Everyone wants a big car these days, don’t they? And when we say a big car, we don’t just mean a big car; we mean a really big car.

(Excuse the repetition of “big car”, but it paints a picture: it’s all you see when you look on the roads now!) It could be a 4x4, it could be a pickup truck; heck, you might even spot a new Porsche Cayenne Coupe or a Mercedes-AMG G 63 if you keep your eyes peeled. Frankly, it’s not a terribly sensible trend, particularly somewhere like Northern Ireland.

Think about it, there are so many reasons for choosing a small car: compact means they are naturally more responsive when it comes to manoeuvring, they usually pay less road tax, they have low insurance costs, servicing is cheaper, and they have more personalisation packs.

Apart from being more economical, they look pretty smart too, as you can see when you browse through the different small cars available online. Let’s look at four solid choices, each with their own unique charm. To begin with, the most charming of them all… the Fiat 500.



Fiat 500—Italian chic

Its enviable, retro styling makes this the small car of choice for fashion-conscious buyers. It’s hugely practical for parking too because it’ll fit into the tiniest of spaces in a crowded city. The twin air engines are great fun and the handling is zippy.

Inside, the dashboard matches the exterior colour very pleasingly; and it has mock-Bakelite controls that make you feel you’re in another era every time you turn on the heater or the radio! The Fiat 500 should hold its value fairly well too.



Seat Ibiza—a technically advanced supermini

The Seat Ibiza must be one of the most technically advanced superminis money can buy. Compare it with its competitors at SERE Motors if you don’t believe us.  It’s well engineered and the handling is everything you’d expect when admiring the sporty appearance.

The interior is spacious enough for a full group of adults, the boot is huge offering 355-litres of load volume and if there was any doubt about this then the fact that it’s only available as a five-door proves the point.



MG MG3—Cheap to buy, but doesn’t look it

The MG3 is cheap to buy but certainly doesn’t look it with its sharp body and sporty front end. Like the Seat Ibiza, it comes as a five-door only and has a nice spacious cabin. You’ll find pleasing an 8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and reverse parking sensors coming as standard on Excite models and door bins and electric rear windows as standard with all models.

A little pearl of wisdom: the MG3 sits in insurance group four due to its sub-£10,000 price. (Look out for those cheap annual premiums.)



Mitsubishi Mirage—a mirage you can rely on

Mitsubishi has a reputation for producing really reliable cars. The dependable and sturdy Mirage is no exception to the rule and to reassure you further, all versions come with six airbags and a stability control system. Both inside and out this model has a lot to offer. Inside there’s climate and cruise control, keyless operation, rain and headlamp sensors and DAB digital audio with four speakers and Bluetooth. Outside there’s a rear spoiler, privacy glass, colour-keyed bumpers and even 15-inch alloy wheels.

So, before you jump on the bandwagon and try to find the biggest car that money can buy, consider a small car—you’ll save money, command superior manoeuvrability and find parking a darned sight easier too!

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OneLeg Stool Review Sun, 17 Mar 2019 14:52:03 +0000 OneLeg Stool Chair Review 004 carwitter 1400x840 - OneLeg Stool Review - OneLeg Stool Review

We get lots of product review requests here on Carwitter, and when an email from a company called ‘OneLeg’ popped into our inbox, we were dubious.

However, taking a quick gander over their site, we thought damn; this is the perfect item for one particular issue.



What is it?

Badged as a ‘garden stool’ to make kneeling a thing of the past, OneLeg is a plastic seat that comes in either 32 or 40cm heights.

They can be specced in various colours with upper silicone covers for grip. There’s also a lower cover to help it grip on hard surfaces. Both can be removed and washed.

What’s more, the whole seat is 100% recyclable as it’s made from polyethylene.



What’s it like?

So why did we want to review the OneLeg? Well, when detailing your car you spend a lot of time either sitting cross-legged or on your knees while you’re claying or machine polishing your motor. Having a OneLeg totally gets rid of the need to kneel or sit on uncomfortable tarmac or concrete.

The base of the stool is curved a little allowing you to lean in any direction, you need to balance on the thing to stay upright, but it enables you free movement forward, backward and side to side without having to get up and reposition.



You could also utilise OneLeg while washing your car for the lower areas if need be. It can also be used for gardening as it’s meant to be, or find a purpose inside the home as an occasional seat for a conservatory maybe?

It’s one of those simple designs that can make life easier; it doesn't take up much room so can languish in the garage or shed when not needed or just left outside all year round if need be.



Where can I get one?

Head over to to purchase, they’re sent out next day, and you can full customise which colour/height you’re after.

Prices start at £34.25 for the 32cm, £39.95 for the larger 40cm version. Seat covers are extra at £9.99.

Next day postage is a little pricey at £8.95 though, so make sure you keep an eye out for discount codes that pop up now and then.


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Specialised Covers Review – The car cover of choice Fri, 15 Mar 2019 16:12:54 +0000 Specialised Covers Review Peugeot RCZ R Outdoor Cover 003 carwitter 1400x840 - Specialised Covers Review - The car cover of choice - Specialised Covers Review - The car cover of choice

Twitter is a wonderful platform, and through a chance Tweet with a moan about birds covering the RCZ in their waste, Specialised Covers got in touch.

Now I've always used car covers, not having a garage forces me to and as arguments go for and against covers, my preference has always been to protect the paintwork from some of the environment as best I can. To do so, you need a well-fitted car cover, the snugger, the better.



Finding car covers that are tailor-made to your vehicle is a whole 'nother ball game. Most of my cars have made do with a generic 'Halfords' outdoor car cover, while they're cheap and cheerful I wanted something better fitting for the RCZ R.

Sadly, there aren't any suppliers for the R, so the best I could find was an RCZ tailored one from Cover Your Car. While it did the job the thing didn't quite fit due to the spoiler on the R; I planned to use another car cover, cut the RCZ one and sew in another piece for the spoiler.

That never happened as the cover started to disintegrate after around nine months of summer use, in step Specialised Covers.



What is it?

Specialised Covers make custom fitting car covers here in the UK. Based in Shipley they've been a family owned business since their inception in 1981, they supply some of the top manufacturers in the world, as well as many motor sport and Formula 1 teams.




Specialised Covers use bespoke developed materials to provide the best protection for each use, whether that's a soft indoor cover to their hardiest Stormshield+ version.

All of their covers are made to measure; they didn't have an exact pattern for the RCZ R, so a week after first getting in touch two of the team stopped by (on their way to McLaren no less) for an hour to measure up.

Using calico for patterning, they taped the fabric down one side of the car, then marked out all the body lines, as well as cut and sew marks. This then gets scanned in, so a digital copy is created and stored on file. Currently, they have over 5,000 different patterns to choose from.



This wasn't just a bespoke service for us either, if you order a cover and they don't have the exact measurements they'll try and work out a time when the team are near or passing by to come over and measure up. There's no charge for this service unless you're in desperate need of a cover and they have to come out especially.

It took just four weeks from the time of measuring to having the cover delivered.



What's it like?

Awesome. Compared to the quality of the regular covers I've purchased in the past this one is so much thicker. Not only does it weigh a whole lot more when packed, but unfolding it for the first time, you can feel the quality of the material. It's almost jean-like in its thickness, it may look like a regular, everyday car cover when it's on, but it is of far higher quality.



Another great thing is the straps it comes with. You usually get two, sometimes three straps if you're lucky. Our Specialised Cover came with four, one at the back, two in the middle and one at the front. That means the cover stays snug even throughout the roughest of winds; which have been experienced in the last few weeks.




Also, the clips for the straps are external and sewn into the material. A small upside down U shape pocket is placed over it and sewn on, making sure the plastic clip is securely held in place and never comes near the bodywork of the RCZ. The front and back are also held in place with strong elastic

Finally, the length is superb, the cover comes within a few centimetres of the ground, nearly covering the tyres fully. This stops the wind from getting up under the cover and means the actual fabric goes underneath the bodywork wrapping round the car, so no dirt and grime get blown up against the paint.

The most worrying part for me was the rear, the small sticky-out spoiler was the bane of the last cover, but Specialised have done a superb job with all their measurements, I shouldn't have worried.

Currently, they are the only supplier to have a fully patterned, accurate fitting car cover for the Peugeot RCZ R




Where can I get one?

Specialised Covers sell direct via their website, they also make covers for bikes, caravans, motorhomes and pretty much anything else you could want covering.

If you love your car, don't have the luxury of a garage and want to protect it then a Specialised Cover is well worth the investment. Outdoor Stormshield versions start at £199, while the Stormshield+ we went for costs from £299. They also make a range of indoor covers which start from £199.

Indoor covers come with a 1 year guarantee, whilst ourdoor benefit from a 2 year guarantee.



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SpyTrack Nano GPS Car Review Mon, 25 Feb 2019 20:04:25 +0000 Spytrack Nano Review 006 carwitter 1400x840 - SpyTrack Nano GPS Car Review - SpyTrack Nano GPS Car Review

Tracking your car can be an expensive business, either the device and installation costs a fortune, or the monthly/yearly fees for use make them a 'nice to have' rather than an essential for car security.

Rewire Security have the answer, SpyTrack Nano.



What is it?

SpyTrack Nano is a tiny GPS tracker costing £49.99 that can be placed anywhere in your car. It features a 1,300 mAh battery which is enough to give it a standby time of 10 days.

It uses GPS and the Russian GLONASS system to give accuracy within 1-2 meters.

Weight only 63 grams and measuring 68 x 38 x 23mm it's easy to hide in your car, or you can also attach it via the magnetic box. The unit itself is IP65 water resistant so it can be splashed without worry.

The Nano can also be hard wired for permanent installation, you can also plug it in via a USB cable.




As with any GPS tracking device it needs a SIM card to work, the SpyTrack comes with one preinstalled, you just have to pay for the subscription. Prices start at £10 a month or £85.00 for the year. There isn't a contract you simply pay as you go.

For that fee you get access to the web and app based cloud tracking system. Here you can select different map views, and monitor the location of your car in real time. You can also set predefined alerts for all manner of events, when your car moves, stops, goes over a certain speed etc these can be sent as notifications to your smart phone, via text or email.



You can view your journey history for up to 90 days on the cloud software, there are also reporting tools enabling downloading of your routes in HTML, PDF and CSV formats.

The SIM can be used in both the UK and Europe without any extra data charges being incurred.


What’s it like?

In four words? Ridiculously easy to use.

It makes vehicle tracking childsplay. Worried about your car when you go on holiday, throw it the centre armrest and you can keep an eye from the other side of the world. Taking your car to the garage and wonder what they get up to in your pride and joy? Now you can keep watch without them knowing.

Out of the box you simply register the device, create a username and password then you can login to the portal and you're good to go.

At the top of the Nano there's the power button, pressing that or plugging it in and it will fire into life.

The online portal and smartphone apps are simple and intuitive to use, setting up the alert parameters is also fairly painless once you've work it out. We mainly used the email alerts as well as the smartphone notifications.



One of our tests was to leave the unit in the RCZ R while it went in for a service, I wondered where the mechanics would take it and what speeds they would do.

Setting up alerts for 70/80 and 90 MPH as well as movement meant I could leave the car and not worry about what it may get up to while not in view.




We also tried the hardwire kit which should make a permanent installation of the Nano easy, sadly the length of cable is all too short. Especially when we needed to get power from the fusebox at the front of the car all the way to rear parcel shelf, ideally they need two versions, a short and a long one.

If you want a GPS vehicle tracker the cost can be pretty prohibitive, the UK leading company 'Tracker' will cost £462 installed. While this is Thatcham Research approved and contains VHF tracking abilities and protects against GPS and GSM jamming, for most users this could be



Where can I get one?

Amazon is the ideal place to purchase the SpyTrack Nano, but it can also be bought from Rewire security direct. You also have to activate and pay for your subscription on their site.


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Jaguar E-Pace vs Range Rover Evoque Mon, 25 Feb 2019 14:13:22 +0000 Jaguar E Pace vs 2019 Range Rover Evoque carwitter 1400x543 - Jaguar E-Pace vs Range Rover Evoque - Jaguar E-Pace vs Range Rover Evoque

Jaguar and Land Rover have both recently released new models to their line-ups, both are SUV’s but what sets them apart? The Evoque is known as the first luxury baby SUV, but the E-Pace has a lot to offer from their sister brand. Let’s take a look at their differences.


Jaguar E-Pace

The baby Jag, better known as the E-Pace is the entry level into the world of Jaguar ownership. Prices start at just under £29,000 making it even cheaper than the Discovery Sport and £1,600 less than the brand new Evoque.

Entry level money will get you the D150 2.0-litre diesel front wheel drive combo, perfect for around town and city driving. All-wheel drive will set you back around £800 more but isn’t needed unless you live in the country or fancy a bit of off-roading on occasion.



The most expensive engine in the range is the P300 AWD, this is a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol which launches the E-Pace to 60 I just 6.1 seconds, but performance comes at a price, £44,510 to be precise.

Exterior wise you get chunky if slightly stout looking SUV. There are some lovely details hidden within the design, a bulging bonnet, F-Type style lighting all around and vents on the front wings.

That entry-level 2.0-litre diesel provides plenty of poke for everyday driving, and the Jaguar E-Pace is soft enough to make it a comfy cruiser. Sadly the manual gearbox is a bit of a slog to use, a heavy throw makes switching gears a notchy affair, and in a car like this you’re probably best off going for an automatic, but that means you’ll need to spend £32k for the AWD auto model.



Once inside you’ll find the now familiar Jaguar layout, a driver-focussed cabin with F-Type style grab handle for the passenger. The infotainment screen can’t be angled and when in direct sunlight it can become impossible to read.

Dash plastics are far more plasticy in nature compared to that of higher end Jaguars, but all of the touch points feel premium enough.

Rear seat legroom is good for an average sized adult, but taller passengers will struggle with headroom. Boot space measures in at 577 litres, which was more than the outgoing Evoque but it now measures at 14 litres less than the new model.



2019 Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover has totally updated their little SUV, the Evoque, and although it may look like a facelift, this is in fact a whole new platform. But to the untrained eye, they’ve simply grafted the front and rear of a Velar onto the familiar outline we’ve known for years.

Starting at £31,600 for the same D150 front wheel drive manual as the E-Pace you can see it commands a premium. The engine line up is nearly identical to that of the Jaguar, with the most potent version still being the P300 AWD option.
There is a range-topping ‘First Edition’ model which has every optional extra and exclusive details such as branded tread plates and twin tone leather throughout. It’s only available in Nolita Grey, Seoul Perl Silver or Yulong White.



Inside materials have been upgraded all round, making them more modern and of a higher quality than the outgoing model. Usually this is coupled with a big price hike, but costs are being kept in-line with the original to make sure buyers don’t stray to other brands.

Underneath the chassis is ready for hybrid powertrains which are coming next year, there will even be a three-cylinder 48v mild-hybrid option, in fact, everything but the entry-level D150 engine will be a 48v mild-hybrid from launch. A fully blown EV variant has yet to be announced but may happen depending on the space they’ve left for batteries, a plug-in hybrid is definitely on the cards for 2020.



Ride should be vastly improved too, with new fancy fluid filled hyrdrobushes at the front which will isolate road noise. While at the rear you’ll find the integral link setup from the Velar. This is where the boot space saving has been made.

Land Rover has pitched the new Evoque to be the segment leader in quietness and refinement; we wait to see from the first reviews if they’ve accomplished this.


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A guide to scrapping your car Mon, 25 Feb 2019 13:52:44 +0000 Tanks A Lot Crushing Cars With Money Supermarket Carwitter 0007 700x432 - A guide to scrapping your car - A guide to scrapping your car

Has the time come for you to say the final goodbyes to your car? Sometimes, your car is just simply crumbling under old age, or a big crash has knocked it into a pile of broken metal. When it comes to this, it might be the right time to give your local scrap company a call and give the car up for good.

Scrapping your car might seem like a long process, however if done correctly, it is a simply procedure than can go through relatively quickly, providing you have the right paperwork and your car is in the right condition to be scrapped. This is a short guide on the procedure you must follow in order to scrap your car safely and securely.



Will, I make money for scrapping my car?

Unfortunately, like most markets this depends on the economy at the time as the value of metals such as steel and aluminium fluctuate in regard to how in demand they are at the time.

If your car is particularly rare and you have indispensable parts then the company may look at taking the car apart and selling individual parts before scrapping the rest, however this happens on rare occasions. Most scrap companies will only accept the car if it has all of its parts so it’s essential that you check with them first before trying to sell any parts on.

There are certain places that will pay you for your car just so they can crush it with a tank, but those are few and far between.



Where can I scrap my car?

Before you go to the first place you find to scrap your car, look around to find the best price first. Websites such as this one will give you an up-front quote so that you can see how much you will get for scrapping your vehicle.

When it comes to choosing the right place, it is necessary to choose somewhere that is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) as these are the only places in the UK legally allowed to scrap vehicles. These scrap companies will ensure that your car battery and other hazardous parts are disposed of in a safe manner that comply with the EU standards.

When you visit the scrap company it is essential that they only offer to pay you by cheque or bank transfer. It is now illegal for companies to pay in cash as it means that there is no evidence of the car being scrapped which can have repercussions on you in the future when declaring to the DVLA.



Informing the DVLA

You will not be liable to pay for car tax on the vehicle once it has been scrapped, but in order for this to go through you will need to fill out and send your V5C to the DVLA. This can be found in your vehicle log book. When the car has been scrapped and this document sent off, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction in return by the scrap company. This is proof that the vehicle has been scrapped and you are no longer responsible for it.

If you do not receive this document, you are responsible for following this up with the DVLA, otherwise you could face a fine of up to £80 if you do not provide evidence of it.

As well as receiving money for scrapping your car, you will receive a refund on the remaining amount on your road tax from the DVLA. It may also be worth contacting your insurance company to see if they can provide you with a return on your insurance for scrapping the car. Following the procedure means that you will be able to quickly scrap your car in a safe and easy manner.


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4 Reasons To Upgrade To A Brand New Vehicle Mon, 25 Feb 2019 13:46:52 +0000 New Car Customer Forecourt carwitter 1400x840 - 4 Reasons To Upgrade To A Brand New Vehicle - 4 Reasons To Upgrade To A Brand New Vehicle

One of your big purchasing decisions is coming along, but you might be met with apprehension wondering if your desire to buy a new car is reasonable, given that you have a working vehicle, or that you could buy a used car instead for less.

Every individual purchasing a vehicle will play with the idea of a new car, but not all will go the distance of buying one. As they believe an older, used car with mileage, wear and tear, and an extensive history, is for some reason a safer bet. But this might not be entirely true. Here are 8 reasons why people purchase brand new cars over old vehicles.




New cars can be inexpensive, take a look for yourself at luxury brand cars and note down the MPG for motorway/city driving costs expected on a brand new vehicle in comparison to used vehicles.

You’d be surprised how much money you will save on petrol alone by choosing your dream car over a used vehicle. This is just one of the many reasons why you should consider buying a brand new car.


Long Term Savings

With a plan in mind to keep your car for the future, you can actually save more money throughout the years that you own a new car in comparison to if you bought an older car. This is because more modern vehicles pose a lesser risk for breaking down and requiring repairs. And even if on the off chance your new car did break down, they are generally covered under a 3-4 year warranty depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Older cars, however, are less likely to be as reliable and have a higher possibility of breaking down due to the age, wear and tear of the vehicle and the older parts it has installed in comparison to newer cars with advanced technology. In terms of a warranty, older cars can usually expect 3 months cover that usually only protects engine and gearbox issues. If you purchase an old vehicle privately, you are liable for all repairs once you have bought the car.



Environmentally Friendly

Buying new gives you the option, if green living is essential to you, to buy a car that is kinder to the environment and reduces your carbon footprint. Your 10-year-old used motor, on the other hand, won’t have anything on your brand new hybrid vehicle when it comes to protecting the world.


Build It

When ordering a new vehicle, you have the advantage of designing it. Take the luxury New Aston Martin Vantage, for instance, choose the colour that fits your personality, leather or suede interior, heated seats, a navigation system and so forth. Unlike a used car, you have control over what it looks like and the functionality it needs for the purpose you’ll be using it for.



Divorce your old car for a younger car model if you’re smitten with your chosen new vehicle and can afford it with ease, what do you have to lose?

Especially when you will own something designed to suit you, that’s cost-effective in comparison to some older vehicles and will fill you with a sense of fulfilment, the brand new car smell alone will be 100% worth the investment!


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