Citroen DS 5LS

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Citroen DS 5LS Side carwitter 491x327 - Citroen DS 5LS - Citroen DS 5LS

Citroen are releasing its DS line into China. The first offering was the standard DS5 but now they are adding the DS5 LS, a luxury saloon going on sale in March 2014.

This will be the second model to be made in the Shenzhen plant, it takes styling cues from the Numero 9 and Wild Rubis concept cars.

Citroen DS 5LS Interior carwitter 491x327 - Citroen DS 5LS - Citroen DS 5LS

It is the longest wheelbase C segment car in the Chinese market at 2.71 metres. Front massaging seats are coupled with airline style headrests whilst the rear seats incline at a 29 degree angle. Keyless entry, blind spot monitoring, front & rear parking sensors and a reversing camera all feature on the spec list.

Citroen DS 5LS Rear carwitter 491x277 - Citroen DS 5LS - Citroen DS 5LS

The DS 5LS will be powered by the THP 160 and THP 200 Twin Scroll turbo petrol engines. These will be mated with 6 speed automatic gearboxes.

There will be 9 body colours to choose from at launch.

Currently there are 50 DS ‘Stores’ in China, and a new locally produced SUV is also expected this year.

Citroen DS 5LS Front carwitter 491x740 - Citroen DS 5LS - Citroen DS 5LS


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