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Jaguar XKRS GT3 Carwitter 2 491x327 - #BringTheCatBack - #BringTheCatBack

Those of you who were in attendance at the Autosport International show of the 10th-11th January may well have seen – between halls – the beautiful Jaguar XKRS GT3 of Simon Green Motorsport.

In a move similar to that of Rob Austin Racing & Bloodhound Engineering, Simon Green Motorsport is calling on the Great British (or even worldwide) motorsport fans and enthusiasts in an bid to ready the beast for the Dunlop Britcar 24 Hour race at Silverstone at the end of April and help #BringTheCatBack.

The car is one of 2 race ready Jaguar XKRS GT3s, formerly of Apex Motorsport however following the tragic air crash that claimed the lives of David Leslie & Richard Lloyd the car has spent most of its time parked up, waiting.

Jaguar XKRS GT3 Carwitter 12 491x327 - #BringTheCatBack - #BringTheCatBack

Until now.

With the help of Simon Green Motorsport the new owners are able to run the car and with your help are looking to participate in club level endurance races starting with the Dunlop Britcar 24hr at Silverstone, and possibly going on to do other 24 and 12 hour events across Europe.

The car has already been shaken down at Rockingham and suffered no mechanical problems, with engine builders Mountune suggesting the engine has 40-45 hrs running with no issues.

The team are set to head to Silverstone on the 10th of February to once again test in preparation for the 24hr and to trial further drivers for the event. This will be invaluable as the car has yet to run on the new Silverstone configuration having previously only run on the old (Bridge) GP circuit clocking a time a couple tenths slower than a Mosler! This should be a quick car.

Jaguar XKRS GT3 Carwitter 4 491x327 - #BringTheCatBack - #BringTheCatBack

As far as drivers go one of the car’s owners Nigel Rata will be taking the wheel along with Freddie Hunt, son of the 1976 World F1 Champion James, and, if you have £15K +VAT spare, and are a competent GT driver (I know there are a few out there who read these pages) the team would be more than happy to hear from you!

Just to put that last piece in perspective, drivers would usually pay around £13,000 + VAT for a drive in this type of event in and E46 style BMW. This is a lot of car/drive for the money, the V8 Supercharged engine produces 630 BHP, although the team expect to run it at around 500+ for the 24 hour for reasons of longevity.

Jaguar XKRS GT3 Carwitter 19 491x327 - #BringTheCatBack - #BringTheCatBack

Not got that sort of cash?

Want to know how else you can help the team? All the information is on the Simon Green Motorsport Facebook page with links to the eBay auctions for the current offers. So, why not take a look and help #BringTheCatBack

We at Carwitter wish Simon Green Motorsport and everyone involved with the project all the best in their Dunlop Britcar Silverstone 24 hour adventure.

Jaguar XKRS GT3 Carwitter 14 491x327 - #BringTheCatBack - #BringTheCatBack

Jaguar XKRS GT3 Carwitter 21 491x327 - #BringTheCatBack - #BringTheCatBack

Jaguar XKRS GT3 Carwitter 18 491x327 - #BringTheCatBack - #BringTheCatBack

Jaguar XKRS GT3 Carwitter 16 491x327 - #BringTheCatBack - #BringTheCatBack

Jaguar XKRS GT3 Carwitter 11 491x327 - #BringTheCatBack - #BringTheCatBack

Jaguar XKRS GT3 Carwitter 7 491x327 - #BringTheCatBack - #BringTheCatBack

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