BMW i3 Euro NCAP score

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BMW i3 Euro NCAP Crash Test Front Impact carwitter 491x326 - BMW i3 Euro NCAP score - BMW i3 Euro NCAP score

BMW’s flagship all electric car, the i3 has only scored 4 stars in its Euro NCAP safety test.

Now 4 stars isn’t bad…but since around the time the Renault Scenic was launched every manufacturer has upped their game. The majority of cars tested now achieve 5 star ratings, especially BMW’s!

BMW i3 Euro NCAP Crash Test Side Impact Pole carwitter 491x322 - BMW i3 Euro NCAP score - BMW i3 Euro NCAP score

At £25k you would have expected better of the little electric beemer…it fared worse than the equally pillar-less Ford B Max. But pitting it against EV rivals, it achieved a better score than the Mitsubishi MiEV when that went up against the pole.

Euro NCAP said:

In the more severe side pole impact, dummy readings of rib compression indicated that protection of the chest was weak. The front seats and head restraints provided marginal protection against whiplash in the event of a rear-end collision.


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