A guide to scrapping your car

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Has the time come for you to say the final goodbyes to your car? Sometimes, your car is just simply crumbling under old age, or a big crash has knocked it into a pile of broken metal. When it comes to this, it might be the right time to give your local scrap company a call and give the car up for good.

Scrapping your car might seem like a long process, however if done correctly, it is a simply procedure than can go through relatively quickly, providing you have the right paperwork and your car is in the right condition to be scrapped. This is a short guide on the procedure you must follow in order to scrap your car safely and securely.


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Will, I make money for scrapping my car?

Unfortunately, like most markets this depends on the economy at the time as the value of metals such as steel and aluminium fluctuate in regard to how in demand they are at the time.

If your car is particularly rare and you have indispensable parts then the company may look at taking the car apart and selling individual parts before scrapping the rest, however this happens on rare occasions. Most scrap companies will only accept the car if it has all of its parts so it’s essential that you check with them first before trying to sell any parts on.

There are certain places that will pay you for your car just so they can crush it with a tank, but those are few and far between.


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Where can I scrap my car?

Before you go to the first place you find to scrap your car, look around to find the best price first. Websites such as this one will give you an up-front quote so that you can see how much you will get for scrapping your vehicle.

When it comes to choosing the right place, it is necessary to choose somewhere that is an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) as these are the only places in the UK legally allowed to scrap vehicles. These scrap companies will ensure that your car battery and other hazardous parts are disposed of in a safe manner that comply with the EU standards.

When you visit the scrap company it is essential that they only offer to pay you by cheque or bank transfer. It is now illegal for companies to pay in cash as it means that there is no evidence of the car being scrapped which can have repercussions on you in the future when declaring to the DVLA.


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Informing the DVLA

You will not be liable to pay for car tax on the vehicle once it has been scrapped, but in order for this to go through you will need to fill out and send your V5C to the DVLA. This can be found in your vehicle log book. When the car has been scrapped and this document sent off, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction in return by the scrap company. This is proof that the vehicle has been scrapped and you are no longer responsible for it.

If you do not receive this document, you are responsible for following this up with the DVLA, otherwise you could face a fine of up to £80 if you do not provide evidence of it.

As well as receiving money for scrapping your car, you will receive a refund on the remaining amount on your road tax from the DVLA. It may also be worth contacting your insurance company to see if they can provide you with a return on your insurance for scrapping the car. Following the procedure means that you will be able to quickly scrap your car in a safe and easy manner.


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