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6 Ways To Cut Down On Car Costs

1 May , 2018  

Generally, travelling is not something that you can avoid on a day to day basis. The commute to work is not something that you can save for and do at a later date – much as we all wish it could be.

Travelling across the world is expensive, but the costs also mount up during our day to day travelling. Commuting to work, heading to the shops and even just going for a quiet evening drive are all costly and these costs climb rather easily.

Thankfully, there are a lot of things that you can do to save money on your travelling around. We’re not just talking about haggling at the forecourt for the best price of the car that you desperately want, either. We’re talking about the costs of your car in general. Cars are not cheap items to buy, nor are they cheap to run. So, how can you start working on cutting the costs of your car and maximising your usage?


  1. Car Insurance. You can save money on your car insurance by shopping around for a good quote with websites such as Looking into all the options is so important when you need to make cuts in your budget and this way, you get the cover that you need for the price that you really want.

  2. Fuel Costs. Most drivers know that if they change the way that they drive, they can save a surprising amount of cash. Saving fuel costs means slowing it down to the limit or just under when you drive, keeping in the right gear, keep the windows open rather than the air conditioning on, always attend a car servicing and keeping the tyre pressure correct.

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  3. Carpool. Not the karaoke kind but getting people together to agree to carpool to work can actually be a big help when it comes to the costs of your car. There are online services that can help you match with locals and carpool wherever you need to go. If you all take it in turns, you can save a lot of money on costs.

  4. Car Club. If you don’t necessarily need a car, you can hire a car by the hour with a company such as this one. You get to save money on repairs, parking costs, insurance and breakdown cover and even car tax. It’s a great and cheap alternative to owning your own car if you don’t need one long term.

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  5. Servicing. When it comes to repairs, attending every car service and keeping an eye on the car itself can help you to lower the costs of servicing; your car simply won’t need it as much as it would have.

  6. Public Transport. A great way to save on car costs is to utilise your local public transport system as much as you can. No costs except for your travel pass per week or month!

Cars are expensive and yet a necessity for those who travel often. Be smart, and your car won’t break your bank!


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