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5 Car accessories that are useful on a long road trip

2 Oct , 2017  

You’re planning on taking a long car trip but are unsure what to take with you. This is the time of year when many are on holiday and want to do some traveling. 

Before taking a long road trip, you’ll want to make sure that the car you’re driving is ready. A tune-up and inspection of the car should be completed a couple of weeks before the planned trip date.

Next up is getting the car accessories ready. Make sure you take your time and go by your list.




Portable DVD Player

If you’re traveling with children a portable DVD will certainly help with those long miles. When children become bored they begin to get fidgety and whine.

We all know this doesn’t make the best of a road trip for anyone. A portable DVD will keep them occupied by watching their favourite programs. Just make sure you’ve packed all the DVD’s you want to bring along. 


First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is necessary because accidents happen. One person traveling may have a headache, while another may have an upset stomach, and kids invariably injure themselves.

When packing the first aid supplies add some peppermint candy for the stomachs that dislike car journeys. Along with the first aid kit pack extra bottles of water and maybe a few of those electrolyte drinks. 


Portable Lap Desks

These little desks are great for when having snacks or wanting to write while in the vehicle. Having a journal or book will also help with possible boredom.


Sat Nav

Although newer vehicles have the GPS unit’s built-in they aren’t always the best. GPS units can be bought at pretty much any electronic store these days. Quite often they’ll be more reliable or vastly updates compared to the one in your car.


Towbar Bike Rack

If you’re planning on bringing your bikes to ride while away, you’ll need a good towbar bike rack. There are several types of racks available.

Some of the tow bar bike racks will hold one or two bikes while others are large enough to hold many bikes. The wonderful thing about the newer models is that you can get into the trunk of the vehicle while the rack is attached. We could find this bike rack for your cars towbar with a little research.


A little planning ahead for a long road trip can save you a lot of aggravation. Forgetting important things can make your trip expensive if you need to buy replacements.



Michael Fennel works as a journalist for a publishing company and loves technology and cars. He has been writing about everything gear related for five years and would like to become a racing driver.