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Supercar, Super Choices: Picking A Supercar That’s Right For You

28 Sep , 2017 Compare Car Insurance Now

The supercar came about as a direct rise in the popularity of performance cars. It is just a natural progression that can’t be helped.

At first owning a car was all about getting from A to B, then it became about getting to B a bit faster and now it’s all about pulling up outside B as quick as mechanically possible and in as much style as the human eye can handle. That’s what the supercar offers.




These are cars that epitomise what it is to enjoy driving, but also what it means to enjoy this level of engineering; this balance of speed, precision, beauty, music, and art.

But, before you jump in and buy a supercar, there is a lot of research you need to do and a lot of information you need to absorb. To put it as bluntly as the new McLaren 720S puts down its power, you need to know what you want before you can purchase it.




What Is A Supercar?

There is no real definition of the word “supercar”, not one that everyone can agree on anyway. However, if you were to look back at all the cars that have been labeled as supercars in the past, you will find there is one common denominator: they have redefined and led the way in terms of their technology and what a car is possible of doing.

Back in the twenties, the six-speed Bentley was considered a supercar. In the sixties, muscles cars were also handed that title.

Nowadays, you will find names like Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini have become synonymous with this title. It’s that sense of advancement compared to other cars on the road; looks, power, sound, feel and, yes, price.



How To Choose One?

There are no two ways to put this: buying a supercar is no cheap investment. However, the important word there is “investment” because that is exactly what it is.

That said, with so many to choose from, picking the one that suits you is all important. The important thing to always remember is to try before you buy.

That could mean you hire a supercar a few days after adding it to your shortlist, or you put yourself down for a supercar day and try out a myriad of different supercars one after the other to see exactly how they compare.

Whatever route you prefer, to build up a shortlist you need to make sure your options tick these boxes:




Look The Part

A supercar needs to do more than hit 100 mph in four seconds. A supercar needs to look like a piece of art when it is sitting still, wherever you have parked it.

A supercar needs to be the most standout specimen on that street and in that car park. What tickles your taste buds are going to be different from the next buyer; it is what makes beauty so subjective.

However, like any piece of art, you need to be able to look at your investment every day and still fall in love with it. You need to fall hard.





Deliver The Power

The sole purpose of a supercar is to have more power than the rest of the competition. You are paying for a premium and so you want that promise to be delivered.

We’re not talking about a investing in a car that can outrun and out handle a middle of the range – albeit customised – BMW M3.

We’re talking about a car that will outperform the other supercars within the price range you are rolling. So, do your research, look at the figures and circle which ones work for you.




Never Forget The Features

This is where which supercar you choose becomes all important because this is what is going to make it suit your needs. It could be that your preference is to have a car that celebrates minimal design, making it as closely aligned to a racing car as legally possible, such as McLaren.

However, it could be that you want to go down the Bentley GT route because you want your supercar to come with a certain level of comfort knowing that you are going to use this car every day.

So, know what you want from your car, and then see how it delivers on that front.



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