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Superlight Swift Sport is on the way

12 Sep , 2017  

Suzuki were always going to be ditching the high revving 1.6 litre petrol lump that powered the last gen Swift Sport.

We knew this, and it was going to be sad 🙁

The natural replacement was the 1.4 BOOSTERJET that we sampled in the Vitara S last year. It’s potent and made the Vitara a lot of fun.


But the key to a Hot Hatch is weight. The upcoming Swift Sport may be the perfect modern day antidote to crazy power.

Tipping the scales at 970 KG the 1.4 litre packs 136 bhp and 230 Nm of torque.

Suspension is totally bespoke for the Sport, using Monroe shocks all round – like the previous gen.

Hopefully the same slick 6 speed ‘box has been carried over too.

Inside there’s a few choice bits of red trim with semi bucket shaped seats.

Exterior looks are somewhat subtle. The side skirts look nice, along with the rear diffuser. But Swift Sports already have rear wings, although this one does look to be a different design.

Fingers crossed the numbers stack up. It’s looking good so far!


2017-Suzuki-Swift-Sport-Interior-carwitter-1024x605 2017-Suzuki-Swift-Sport-Front-Yellow-carwitter-1024x724


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