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The 67 Most Important Cars in History

4 Sep , 2017  

Previously the only thing the number 67 conjured up was thoughts of the fabled ‘Summer of love’ when peace, love and harmony ruled the world.

Now, as the first 67 plate cars take to the road, the number takes on a new meaning, and to celebrate, family owned and run Swansway Motor Group has marked the occasion by publishing a detailed run-down of the 67 cars it believes have shaped motoring history.

Gathering historical data from authoritative sources such as car historians and independent polls, the dealer group has chosen 67 models, dating from 1897 to the present day; some for their historical significance and some because they’re just blummin’ fabulous!

See if you agree here when you see the 67 most influential cars in motoring history; https://blog.swanswaygarages.com/67-most-important-cars-in-history/.

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