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Taking your Tesla on the Eurotunnel? Read this first!

31 Aug , 2017  

Recently we took a Model S on the Eurotunnel as part of our epic road trip. We soon found out we should have made a right or left decision when we were about to get on the train.

You see the right hand lane is for larger, taller, bigger vehicles. The left hand lane is for normal sized cars.




Obviously you’d think it would qualify as a normal car. It’s not.
The Model S along with the Model X are REALLY FCUKING WIDE! So you end up entering the normal car side and tip toeing through the carriage, as the lane either side has a footpath/walkway and a slight metal kerb.

There’s literally 2, maybe 3cm’s at a push on either side of your wheels.






Sadly we kerbed the front left alloy ever so slightly. Thankfully the wheel was trashed already, but we still felt bad.

The only way you can really get through it safely is to put your mirrors fully down so you can keep en eye on the gap between your wheels and the kerb. But even then it’s touch and go at anything more than about 5 MPH.

So yeah, if you’re heading to the Eurotunnel ask to go in the larger vehicle side. Or you’ll end up with trashed alloys and one of the most stressful holiday experiences of your life.

Or, take the ferry.



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