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Nextbase 512GW Dash Cam Review

28 Aug , 2017 Compare Car Insurance Now

We really loved the Nextbase 512G, but it’s now been superseded by the 512GW. So we thought we should give it a test to see if it’s a worthy replacement.


What is it?

The all new range topping offering from Nextbase.

Smaller and slightly chunkier than before, it has a few fancy new features.

One of them is a new fangled powered mount, so you don’t have to muck about with USB sockets at odd angles any more. The other main addition is WiFi so you can connect either an iOS or Android Smartphone to it.






Being the range topper it still packs a punch compared to rival dash cams.

Still featuring Sony’s uber high quality Exmor R CMOS sensor this new model comes with Quad HD 1440P recording, a substantial upgrade over the old model.

At the back you’ll find a 3″ LCD screen, full colour – naturally – a slight size bump over the last gen 2.7″ display.

Full specs can be found here.





Whats it like?

As with all Nextbase cams the 512GW is literally plug and play. Unlike some…other brands…you don’t have annoying beeps, or settings to configure. Just plug the thing in, press ‘OK’ to accept all the predefined default items and you’re away.

The only annoyance is that it doesn’t come with a MicroSD card, so add one of those to your shopping list when you buy. 64GB is the max the Nextbase can take.

A generous 3.8 metre cable allows you to route it round headlining, under glove boxes and around interior trim nice and neatly. The only annoyance is with the moulded 12v socket, so you can’t use anything else whilst the Nextbase is in use.
If you want to wire it in permanently you’d be best off buying a 4 metre mini USB socket and a 2 port usb fast charger. Then at least you have a free socket for your iPod or phone.





You get HDR as you did with the previous gen, a polarising filter which effectively removes the windscreen from view, and it can also record at 60 fps but only at 1080p.

But as mentioned earlier, the newest feature is WiFi. Whilst not really an essential, it is useful, especially as more people ditch fully blown computers in favour of tablets and smartphones it’s a good option to have.
You just have to download the iOS or Android app, set the dashcam into WiFi mode and it will then give you a live view of the cam and allow you to download the lower quality version of the footage.





That’s a point worth mentioning, the 512GW records high and low quality copies of the same clip. The fully blown 1440p works out at around 450mb for a 3 minute clip, the lower res 848 x 480 version is around 106mb. Clarity is obviously reduced, but you can still see everything clear enough.

Roughly speaking you’ll fit at least 10 hours of footage onto a 64GB MicroSD card.





Video footage can naturally be reviewed on the cam itself, and the new mount makes it super easy to remove. You simply pull it back from the mount and it comes away.
Relocating it is also simple as both the camera and mount are magnetised so align themselves.

There are some other neat additions, a parking mode that detects motion, time lapse so you can make short vids of your trips and it auto dims at night.

Nextbase have also updated the good, but rather ugly looking Replay software for PC and Mac. It’s now far slicker and easier to use, even being able to update the dashcam.




Where can I get one?

As always Halfords is your best bet, you can see the camera in the flesh before you buy and they currently have one of their many dash cam deals on offer.




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