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The Risks Of Owning A Car Even When You’re Not Driving It

1 Aug , 2017  


Everyone who owns a car knows they come with certain risks and responsibilities. Safe driving and upkeep are required of every single driver.

You might make the mistake, however, of believing that the risks end when you take the keys out of the ignition. But that’s not the case at all. Your vehicle can be in plenty of danger and even at risk of causing danger when you’re not in it. Here are a few concerns you need to address.




Curtail those car thieves

Of course, if we’re talking about the risks of a car left to its own devices, then the very first thing you have to talk about is the risk of crime. Vandalism, criminal damage, and theft can all have huge repercussions for the owner.

Ensuring that your car alarm is always functional and that you never ignore it is a start. Another device well worth installing in a hidden place on the car is a GPS tracker that allows you to see exactly where a thief might be taking it.

Otherwise, be smart about how you park your car. If possible choose locations that are in view of your window or your neighbour’s windows.

Keep the car as well-lit as possible, making it more visible and more of a risky target to criminals. Steering wheel lock bars are becoming more popular, too.

Not only does it make it impossible to really drive the car. It’s a big visual deterrent, too.




Keep it where you left it

The idea of your car rolling might not be one that commonly occurs to you. You might be certain you know how to park a car properly. But people do forget even the most basic of considerations.

And a faulty or missing handbrake on a car in an area with an incline can be dangerous. If you live on a hill or any kind of uneven ground, it might be seriously worth considering installing wheel stops.

Not just can you do damage to your car, but think about the damages you’ll have to pay out if your car goes rolling right into neighbour’s front garden. It doesn’t bear thinking about the fact the vehicle may very well hit a person, too.




The environment isn’t always your friend

Weather can be as serious a risk to the vehicle as anything. Sun damage might not only require a repair to your paint job, but it can irreversibly bleach the car’s interiors on a particularly hot day, too. It can even cause damage to the engine and battery.

Storm and hail damage can do real damage to the body and glass, as well. If you’re heading away from the car for an extended period of time or if there’s severe weather on the way, you should keep it covered.

If you don’t have a garage, then consider driving it a little further from the home to see if there are any available indoor parking lots near you. For sun damage, it might be worth investing in a car cover or sunshades for the windows.

Theft and vandalism. An out-of-control vehicle. Sun, hail, and storm damage. These are all serious risks that can cost you a lot of money. The tips above should help you keep your car much safer even when you’re not around to look after it.



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