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New Volvo XC60 Review

17 Jul , 2017  

Every now and then there’s one car that ultimately saves a brand, in Volvo’s case the last generation XC60 can probably be heralded as that.

It brought Volvo back to the masses and continued to sell amazingly well right up until it was culled earlier on this year.

So the all new XC60 has big boots to fill, especially since the market has moved on somewhat since then.

Heading to the edges of the Peak District I drove the beasty T5 petrol and the – tipped to be – biggest seller, the D4.

In D4 guise the range starts at just over £37k, the R-Design model seen here in white, came in at nearly £49k with a ton of options and packs.





There’s always a worry when the bigger brother of a car comes out first. The smaller car is often an 80% scale model…especially when it comes to the German marques.

But after seeing the XC60 at Geneva, Volvo have made sure the 60 is its own car.

Following on the new design language first seen on the XC90 and now across the rest of the 90 range modernity and svelte lines are the order of the day.

Horizontal brake lights now cut into the boot, matching in the rear end with that found on the V90, whilst up front you’ll find the Thor hammer LED DRL’s across the trim levels.

In my eyes, it’s gorgeous. Totally different to anything else currently offered in the crossover space.






Now, being power hungry meant I had to drive the 251 bhp 2.0 litre turbo petrol model. Granted, it’s going to sell in the minutiae. But like the V60 Polestar it’s the ultimate sleeper…except for the upcoming T8 that is.

Built upon a tuned ‘sport chassis’ and sitting on huge 21 inch wheels the ride is suitably firm. You will get jostled around over broken sections of road, body roll is well managed even though the F-Pace probably trumps it for overall finesse.





Gear changes are quick enough, but don’t feel as sporty as they should for a car of this ilk. Then again with a 0-60 time of just 6.4 seconds you soon forget the slight negatives of the T5.
This thing seriously shifts, you can gain ground at an astonishing pace for such a big car. Overtakes are a breeze, and with that sort of grunt you’d be troubling the current crop of hot hatches off the line.




Now we should really talk about the D4. It’s a much more sedate affair with 188 bhp from a 2.0 litre diesel lump. Torque is still super high at 400 Nm and helps the derv get to 60 in 7.9 seconds.

In R-Design trim this XC60 sat on smaller 19” alloys. In turn the ride was more pliable, that extra rubber helping to deaden the thud heard when hitting troubled sections of tarmac.

Steering is rather on the light side, there’s no sensation at all and it doesn’t weight up enough at speed. Switching to Dymanic mode adds a little more heft, but you never truly feel at one when carving across B roads in the 60.





In R-Design guise even this D4 has the ‘sports chassis’ so on the whole, handling is stiffer than it would normally be. It never quite compares to the locked down nature of an F-Pace, or even the dynamics of the new Mazda CX-5.

As we found with the V90, those diesel engines aren’t the most refined. You will notice the chunter when sat in traffic at idle, and they do become rather vocal under hard acceleration.





Inside is where the XC90 scale copy comes into play. Which isn’t a bad thing, as the 90 is akin to a design masterpiece.
Once again you get a large 9.0” infotainment screen that controls 98% of the car’s functions. The only buttons to be had along the centre console are the audio controls.






You can spec the Sensus connected car option which incorporates the eargasmic Bowers & Wilkins stereo system across the range. It’s a pricey option at £2,500, but well worth it if you love your audio.

Quality across the plastics, leather and switchgear is all superb. Volvo have really made it their bag when it comes to high quality, Germanic matching interiors these days.

Rear seat legroom is excellent, you could easily sit three adults across the back in comfort. Head room is also well looked after for the taller people of this world.





Boot space measures in at 505 litres, with the seats splitting 60/40 style. The load area is also nice and flat with no lip to negotiate when lugging bags in and out.



This all new XC60 certainly up’s the game in terms of premium. Yes, the entry price has increased over the old one, but once you get behind the wheel you can see why.

The XC60 is definitely a premium SUV, and I can’t see why you would consider its German rivals with looks and quality being this good.






Volvo XC60 Configurations

Momentum is the entry level trim, standard kit starts with:

  • Sensus Navigation – full European mapping with traffic information and lifetime map updates
  • 9” centre console touch screen
  • voice-activated control system
  • City Safety with Steer Assist – includes Pedestrian, Cyclist and Large Animal Detection, steering assistance in an emergency and fully automatic emergency braking
  • Oncoming Lane Mitigation – automatically provides steering assistance if you unwittingly drift out of your lane, guiding you back into your lane and out of the path of any oncoming vehicles
  • full-LED headlights with active high beam
  • two-zone climate control with ‘CleanZone’ air-quality system
  • power-operated tailgate
  • leather-faced upholstery
  • heated front seats
  • Drive Mode settings – allows you to tailor the responses of the engine, automatic gearbox, steering, brakes, stability control and optional air suspension to the road conditions or your own preference
  • 18” alloy wheels
  • 8” active TFT crystal driver’s information display


Additional highlights of Momentum Pro are:

  • active bending headlights with adaptive shadow technology
  • Volvo On Call
  • powered driver’s seat with memory function
  • heated steering wheel
  • heated windscreen


The dynamic R-Design version features a range of sporty visual and mechanical upgrades, including:

  • high-gloss black front grille
  • 19” diamond-cut/matt black alloy wheels
  • dual integrated exhaust pipes with high-gloss black surround
  • silver matt door mirrors
  • sports suspension
  • sports seats with leather/nubuck upholstery
  • perforated leather steering wheel with gearshift paddles
  • 3” active TFT crystal driver’s information display
  • metal mesh interior inlays


R-Design Pro additions include:

  • Active Four-C Chassis – air suspension with adaptive dampers
  • 21” diamond-cut/matt black alloy wheels
  • active bending headlights with adaptive shadow technology
  • Volvo On Call
  • powered driver’s seat with memory function
  • heated steering wheel
  • heated windscreen


Inscription is the most luxurious version. On top of the already generous Momentum specification, it adds:

  • Nappa soft leather perforated and ventilated upholstery
  • powered front seats with memory function
  • 3” active TFT crystal driver’s information display
  • 19” diamond-cut/black alloy wheels
  • high-gloss black front grille with chrome inserts
  • chrome lower side mouldings with Inscription logo
  • chrome lower front bumper section
  • drift wood inlays


Additional highlights of Inscription Pro include:

  • Active Four-C Chassis – air suspension with adaptive dampers
  • 20” diamond-cut/black alloy wheels
  • active bending headlights with adaptive shadow technology
  • Volvo On Call
  • front seat massage function
  • heated steering wheel
  • heated windscreen


New Volvo XC60 Prices

OTR price P11D price 40% taxpayer
D4 AWD Momentum £37,205 £36,950 £344.87 pm
D4 AWD Momentum Pro £39,005 £38,750 £361.67 pm
D4 AWD R-Design £39,705 £39,450 £381.35 pm
D4 AWD R-Design Pro £43,705 £43,450 £420.02 pm
D4 AWD Inscription £41,205 £40,950 £395.85 pm
D4 AWD Inscription Pro £44,905 £44,650 £431.62 pm
D5 PowerPulse AWD R-Design £43,205 £42,950 £429.50 pm
D5 PowerPulse AWD R-Design Pro £47,205 £46,950 £469.50 pm
D5 PowerPulse AWD Inscription £44,705 £44,450 £444.50 pm
D5 PowerPulse AWD Inscription Pro £48,405 £48,150 £481.50 pm
T5 AWD Momentum £37,900 £37,345 £385.90 pm
T5 AWD Momentum Pro £39,700 £39,145 £404.50 pm
T5 AWD R-Design £40,400 £39,845 £425.01 pm
T5 AWD R-Design Pro £44,400 £43,845 £467.68 pm
T5 AWD Inscription £41,900 £41,345 £441.01 pm
T5 AWD Inscription Pro £45,600 £45,045 £480.48 pm
T8 Twin Engine AWD R-Design Pro £56,850 £56,795 £170.39 pm
T8 Twin Engine AWD Inscription Pro £57,950 £57,895 £173.69 pm
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