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Audi Q2 Sport Review

9 Jul , 2017  


With crossovers still taking the marketplace by storm, it was only a matter of time until they started downsizing and entering new segments.

Audi have got into the game early with the Q2, it’s a true mini crossover of the hatchback variety.


Our dinky Q2 was in Sport trim with a 1.4 TFSI engine. ‘Sport’ sits slap bang in the middle of the range, and starts from £25,685 on the road.

With a few choice options, like the £1,300 front sports seats in leather, LED headlights and driver assistance pack, the price of our test car was bumped up to £29,285. Not cheap.






To some the Q2 has rather divisive looks. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan when I first saw it in the metal at Geneva last year. But it’s a pretty good looker once you live with it.

Chunky, angular, modern. It’s everything a miniaturised crossover should be.

The ‘blade’ in the C pillar can be had in dark grey, bright silver, or white. The latter costing £175 whilst the dark grey is a no cost option. Odd.





Audi Q2 Sport Drive

For being a taller vehicle the Q2 handles neatly. Body roll is well controlled in the corners, with the whole chassis feeling firm and stiff.

Ride could be a little suppler over imperfections, but we’d take the Sport suspension (a no cost option) in favour of wallowy body control any day.

As for the pace, 148 BHP makes this 1265 KG lightweight handle like a warm hatch. 0-60 takes 8.2 seconds and the little 1.4 TFSI will keep on pulling well beyond motorway speeds.




Audi’s are mainly known for their slick S-Tronic auto gearboxes, but this Q2 had a 6 speed manual. A short and precise throw added to the lil’ Audi’s sporting nature.

You often find the chirpy 1.4 turbo lump spinning up the front wheels under an eager right foot, thanks to 250 Nm of torque.

Even though it’s powerful it can still be frugal. This engine can switch off two cylinders when you’re cruising, thus saving fuel. Over 400 miles we managed 39 MPG, Audi give the 1.4 TFSI an urban rating of 44.8.







Hopping inside you’ll find the dash is typically Audi. Look closer and you notice cheaper, harder plastics on the bits you don’t touch.

The infotainment display sprouts from the dash in a rather ungainly manner. It would be nice if it was more built in, or folded away.

Prices can get crazy if you option up the Q2. If you select the ‘Technology Pack’ at £1,395 you’ll get the 12.3” virtual cockpit which sits where the dials should be.

Rear seat leg room is adequate, and thanks to the high roof line headroom is also good.

Boot space measures in at 405 litres, that’s more than a Golf or an Astra.


Audi Q2 Configurations

If you want to build your own Q2 Audi will suggest the Edition #1 model which also has the 1.4 TFSI engine in it. One of those will set you back just over £33k.

Here you can find the full range of Audi Q2 configurations.






Audi have aimed the Q2 at young, style conscious buyers. The 1.4 TFSI is tipped to be the most popular in the UK, but it carries a £2k premium over the even smaller 1.0 litre turbo. It also has nearly 30 less horses.

As with all Audi’s you can choose from a plethora of options, all at a somewhat high cost, which soon bumps the already steep price even higher. You soon start to get near Q3 money, which is a totally different ball game…but lacks the edgy looks of the Q2.

Other, cheaper options include the Mazda CX3. Granted it’s not as beefy in the looks department, and yes…it’s not an Audi. But kit levels are higher and interior quality is better when it comes to the doors and non touchy, feely trim.








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