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Cool Car Maintenance Tips For Your Vintage Merc

7 Jul , 2017 Compare Car Insurance Now

If you love your cars, I bet you’ve already considered buying a classic. There are so many reasons why you should buy vintage. Firstly, they’re a good investment as many people find that they can increase the value of the vehicle by doing it up and maintaining it. Secondly, it’s just really cool to own a classic car!

One of the most popular vintage marques has to be the Mercedes. Got your eye on an old Merc? Before you buy it, read through all these car maintenance tips, so you know exactly how to look after it once you get it home!


Store It Correctly

Your classic will be far more fragile than any modern car. So, you can’t just leave it out on the road in front of your house. A lot of classics can fetch a princely some, so beware of thieves. But it also does the car no good.

The vehicle will be out in the elements, and all that wind and rain will give it a battering. Ideally, you need to store it in a garage. If you don’t have a garage on your property, you might be able to rent one nearby.




Keep An Eye On Bodywork

One of the most problematic parts of a classic Merc has to be the bodywork. Naturally it will be quite old and susceptible to rust.

Ideally, you need to check it over once a month so that you can spot any rust before it develops into a bigger problem.

If you do spot a small area of surface rust, you should be able to wash it off with some regular car shampoo. Euro Motor Sport Mercedes repairs rust damage, so if you don’t have time to deal with any rust issues, you might want to just take your car to them.

Plus, they will be able to treat the car in a way that isn’t as abrasive as scrubbing the bodywork with a sponge.




Start It As Often As Possible

One of the best ways to keep your vintage Merc in good working condition is to start it as often as possible. At the very least, you should turn it on once every two weeks. This gives it the chance to get to a normal temperature.

It’s also worth taking it out for a spin, as this will maintain the condition of the brakes and hydraulic systems.




Don’t Customise It

You might be tempted to customise your vintage Mercedes to make it personal to you. In a word: don’t!

You need to keep it in original condition, as this will keep its value high. Once it has been personalised or customised, you will find that it is a lot harder to sell on for a reasonable price.






As you can see, looking after a vintage Mercedes isn’t too difficult. Why not treat yourself to a new model? You’ll find it’s a very rewarding hobby!


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