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Avoid These Risks When Buying Your Dream Car

2 Jun , 2017  

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Buying a car is something that takes time… You spend weeks researching the ideal make and model for your needs. Then you might spend months saving up for it!

The search for that dream car may also prove challenging, which is why it’s so tempting to turn to sellers that you don’t know. Your money is at stake here, so how can you avoid throwing it all away on a car that may not live up to the dream?





Most of us need some sort of loan or finance agreement to buy a car. You might even need to spread the payments for your insurance policy.

As beautiful as your dream car may be, don’t overstretch yourself financially. Ploughing every penny into it means there is nothing left to spend on the days out you’d planned to go on.

You might have to start with a smaller more economical vehicle and work your way up to the dream model you desire.

If your loan is from the car company, they may take the car back if you can’t keep up the payments, leaving you with no wheels at all.




Not Up To The Job

As beautiful as she looks on the outside, it’s what is underneath that counts. If the vehicle you’ve purchased isn’t roadworthy, you simply can’t drive it.

If it breaks down, falls apart, or contributes to an accident, then that is on you. The inconvenience of having the car off the road until it’s fixed is bad enough.

If you’re not confident what to look for when buying a car, then ask a mechanic to take a look on your behalf.

That little bit of pay out now is much better than the thousands you may have to pay out if there is a problem.




Dodgy History

There are some websites that allow you to check the history of the vehicle. More and more details are available in the database, such as the number of owners and recorded miles on the clock.

However, it’s not just the car’s history you might need to be concerned with. If there are outstanding traffic offences, you may find the police knocking on your door as the current owner. How do you know the vehicle isn’t stolen?

When it comes to traffic law, things can get tricky so if you need help click here. When you buy a car, make sure all the paperwork is present and verified before you part with your cash.




Hidden Extras

Some dealerships make little money on the car sales. They need to increase their income by pushing extras on unsuspecting customers. This could include customised or ‘better quality’ plates, cleaning kits, insurance policies, wheel insurance, fabric refresher, and spare keys.

Before you start to negotiate the sales price you want to spend, make sure you know exactly what you’re willing to buy.

Double check what the guarantee or warranty will and won’t cover. You should also agree the date and time you’re willing to pick up your motor if you’re not driving it off the lot that day.

Enjoy your new vehicle!


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