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How To Make Your Love Of Cars Into A Career

5 May , 2017  

There are a fair few petrolheads out there in this world, and quite a few of us would like to make that passion into a career.

But what sorts of jobs can you do, or business can you run if you have Castrol GTX running through your veins instead of blood? Well, read on to find out.


Driving careers

Naturally, the very first job that anyone thinks of when talking about driving is being a Formula One driver like Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton. Well, who can blame them? It’s pretty glamorous sort of job, with the cars regularly hitting a speed of over 210 mph and all of that champagne!

Of course,  it’s not as easy as it looks and you will need some surprising physical strength, as well as some not so surprising financial backing to get anywhere in that game.




However, there are plenty of other careers in which you can put your driving skills to good use. For one, you could own a limousine company and ferry people to and from important events. Or you could run a taxi, or a luxury car; airport pickup; firm.

Or, how about taking your skills to the next level and going for an Armed Forces position? With tanks like the Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle and all terrain vehicles such as the Husky and the Mastiff in current service, it certainly does sound appealing.


Servicing and repair careers

Now, it may be that as much as you love driving them, you much prefer taking cars apart and putting them back together again. If this is the case then maybe something in the servicing or repair industry would be a good fit for you?

Remember though, you will need good detective skills. As some vehicles present what looks a lot like one sort of problem, while actually having another entirely! So make sure you get your deerstalker on for problematic cases!




Selling and Buying careers

Now, it may be that neither the driving careers or the repairing business ideas will suit you. That’s OK, as there are still more suggestions to come. One of which is getting into the business of selling and buying vehicles.

Obviously, buying and selling cars can be a high-profit sector, as they are big ticket items. But you will have to know your way around the latest models like the BMW 2 Series. Or how the Hyundai Santa Fe compares to the Tuscon in the safety and reliability reviews.

Of course, you will also need to ensure that you have all of the right paperwork and permissions to trade, so check out companies like One Sure Insurance for some more information.




Valeting careers

Last, of all in this post, let’s take a look at car washing & valeting. OK, so maybe not the most glamorous of all vehicle-related careers, or business to run. But necessary nonetheless.

But the advantages of this sort of business are that you get to see and drive a lot of different vehicles, and the overheads are pretty cheap. As you can do most of the work outside, usually on a piece of rented petrol station forecourt.



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