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Want A Provocative Pickup? Here’s Why The HSV Maloo Is For You!

20 Apr , 2017  

When most people think of pickup trucks, they have a variety of different models in mind. The Ford F-series ones are popular in the Americas, for example. And Japanese equivalents like the Mitsubishi L200/Triton and the Toyota Hilux and Tacoma models are a common sight in other parts of the world.

The thing about many of today’s pickup trucks is they seem rather large and generally lack any real enthusiasm. Well, they are essentially commercial vehicles; it’s just some folks like having them at home for practical reasons too! If you’re thinking of buying a pickup truck, don’t settle for something that everyone else has got.

Instead, you should look for a pickup that has practicality, looks, and lots of performance. Today, I’m going to talk to you about the HSV Maloo – one of Australia’s finest utes (utility vehicles), and why you need to go and buy one today!




Why buy a HSV Maloo?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will know that the HSV Maloo is a car-derived pickup. It’s not a truck in the conventional sense; it’s more like a large car with a huge cargo area at the back. Sure, it’s only a two-seater, but if you seldom carry more than one passenger in your car, you won’t need the extra seats!

The HSV Maloo is, in essence, a high-performance Holden Ute. Sadly, Holden is no longer manufacturing utes in Australia, and so the HSV Maloo is likely to go up in value over time. So, if you want a practical, high-performance pickup that won’t depreciate like it’s 1999, you need to set your sights on the HSV Maloo!



Does it pack a punch?

In short, yes. As standard, the HSV Maloo comes with a supercharged V8 “LSA” engine courtesy of Holden’s parent company, General Motors. It offers a mind-blowing 536 brake horsepower as standard, and despite it being an absolute beast on the road, it’s actually quite tame when you want it to be!

Of course, more cylinders can equal higher servicing costs. But, if you get someone reputable to maintain the Maloo, you won’t pay much more than a car with half the cylinders. Take a look at websites like www.autoco.com.au as an example of someone you might entrust with your V8 ute.


Can you also use it as a workhorse?

While some people buy the HSV Maloo as a daily driver and seldom put stuff in the cargo area, you CAN use this ute as a practical workhorse! So, whether you’re a contractor or just need to ferry things around on a regular basis, there is plenty of space at the back for almost anything you can think of! It’s also possible to get a lockable cover for the back if security is a worry to you.




Final thoughts

With good looks and an engine that will more than suffice for daily driving, the HSV Maloo is one of Australia’s most famous exports (along with a certain brand of beer). Why are you still reading this? Go out and take a Maloo for a test drive today; I can guarantee it will keep you smiling when you drive!

And if you’re still not convinced, head over to www.youtube.com and check out that LSA engine note with a WOT!



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