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From Driver To Rider: Adapting To Life On Two Wheels

19 Apr , 2017  

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Motorcycles carry a unique allure that no motorist can ignore. Even if you’ve spent decades exclusively driving cars, you’ll no doubt have thought about buying a bike at one stage or another. It might not necessarily replace your current vehicle, but it’s certainly a worthy addition to your life.

Let’s face it; motorbikes can be both practical and fun. The sense of adrenaline and fun, coupled with the avoidance of traffic, is more than enough to get any motorist excited.

However, making that switch from four wheels to two isn’t simply a case of jumping out of one seat into another. There are a number of factors that must be mastered by any responsible rider must respect.   

Focus on these elements below, and you’ll be king of the road in no time.




Returning To Student Life

After years of using the road as a car driver, you probably feel that you know everything there is to know. In reality, though, perspectives change greatly once you trade four wheels for two. Becoming a competent rider isn’t simply about learning to ride a bike. It should be an education to embracing the road in a positive manner too.

Many of the practical features will come naturally as the skills gained from driving can be transferred to riding. To get your motorcycle license in Canada, you must also pass your M1 test.

Once again, you may have built some of the necessary knowledge through your previous experiences on the road. Still, this requires the same level of attention as your traditional driving lessons and tests deserved.

If you are planning to remain a car driver too, you could use this opportunity to boost your skills on four wheels also. Either way, taking to two wheels without this individual education simply isn’t an option.




Finding The Right Bike

As an experienced motorist, you already appreciate the fact that no two car models feel identical behind the wheel. Those fluctuations in performance and comfort are even greater when you drop down from four wheels to two. With this in mind, choosing a bike that suits you is imperative.   

It might not be too long before BMW invents a motorbike that can’t fall over. Until then, though, it’s your job to ensure that you choose a bike that you can safely control.

The weight and dimensions of your specific model could have a telling impact on your enjoyment and safety. Getting this choice right is pivotal.

Whether you’re buying new or used, a test ride is crucial. Meanwhile, any seller should allow you to conduct the necessary test to check the bike is in great health. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.





Dressing For Life On Two Wheels

Safety comes first for all road users.But, the dangers are greater for motorcyclists due to the fact they aren’t surrounded by airbags and other safety features.

In light of those lacking elements, wearing the right attire to avoid injuries during an accident is something that no rider can ignore.

Wearing the right biking jackets will go a long way to keeping you protected from major friction burns and broken burns.

Likewise, the right choice of footwear will have a telling impact on your safety and comfort on two wheels. Most importantly, though, your helmet needs to be both comfortable and safe.

Check out these reviews to find the best options on the market. Without the right one for you, taking to the road shouldn’t even enter your mind.

As well as keeping you safe, dressing in the right riding fashion should actively enhance your relationship with the bike and your time on the road.




Maintaining The Bike’s Health

Motorbikes are relatively cheap compared to cars. Take the 2017 Honda Africa Twin as an example. This is one of the most popular and most enjoyable rides on the market and can be available for around $14,000.

You’re not going to find a car that looks and feels great for that price unless you start looking at used options. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t be an excuse for overlooking the importance of regular maintenance.

Like cars, motorbikes require regular engine oil changes. Meanwhile, knowing when to change the chain or upgrade the clutch can be extremely vital too.

Cleanliness is next to godliness too. Avoiding dirt doesn’t only make the bike look nicer. It can actively prevent long-term damage, which is why those jobs are more important for two wheels as they are for two.

With only two wheels on the road, it’s equally important to keep the tires in great health at all times too.

Even a slight problem could put your comfort, performance and health at risk. Whether you’re a new motorcyclist or not, staying on top of those tasks is the only way to be.



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