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A look at the 2017 Mercedes S-Class

21 Mar , 2017  

The Mercedes S-Class boasts a rich history that includes decades of being heralded as one of the best ranges on the market. The 2017 350 d AMG certainly doesn’t disappoint and is easily a frontrunner to be one of the year’s greatest luxury saloons.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the key features.


Mercedes 350 d AMG 2017 Price

Unsurprisingly, a new model from the German manufacturer will cost a pretty penny. However, a £70,715 price tag with standard features is more than reasonable when considering an Audi A8 is only five grand cheaper.   

An array of upgrades can bump up the price by a few grand. At £4,395, however, the Premium package upgrade is an attractive proposition for those with the extra budget.





Aesthetically, the Mercedes S-Class has continued to set the standard over the years. The 2017 350d AMG is no different, and is an absolute dream to look at.

The Iridium Silver Metallic paint job brings the stylish bodywork to life. Overall the appearance doesn’t move far from previous models, with the iconic grille taking pride while flanked by LED lights. Meanwhile, the 19” alloys boast a twin spoke design that embodies the luxury vibes present throughout.   

Does this release of the iconic range look hugely different from the last three or four years? No, but it doesn’t need to. The subtle refinements to the bodywork are more than enough to leave any driver salivating.   

Without the need for major overhauls, they have improved on an aesthetic that was already close to perfection.





Both the appearance and history suggest that the 350 d AMG 2017 is geared toward luxury and comfort rather than satisfying the modern boy racer. Unsurprisingly, those sentiments are reflected in virtually every aspect of the drive too.

A 2.0 litre V6 Diesel engine is more than capable of providing enogh oomph, as is underlined by a respectable 0-62 time of 6.5 seconds. More importantly, that power translates to a quiet driving experience that is coupled with smooth steering. Meanwhile, the heavy emphasis on aluminium makes it noticeably lighter than older generations.

The car tops out at 155mph, which further supports the claims that this saloon focuses on luxury rather than pure speed.

An array of tech features, including Parktronic, offer the chance to tweak the minutiae for an even greater driving experience.





Without looking bulky from the outside, the four-door saloon boasts ample cabin space. Lined with black leather upholstery, the 350 d AMG 2017 is perfect for family life and business. The glossy black wood trim is also a clear winner for style.

In addition to the tech features aimed for performance, the 2017 model boasts the most advanced entertainment system. It includes electronically adjustable and heated front seats (available as an upgrade for rear seats). Even small details like plug sockets and cup holders ensure that driver and passengers experience pure comfort.

The dash display naturally shows fuel consumption, along with reporting on various mechanical issues. Knowing when to book a Mercedes service has never been easier, meaning that the car can be kept in pristine condition too. Finally, a 510-litre boot space is more than ample for the requirements of most drivers.





For many, this specific model will simply be too expensive. In those cases, it may be worth looking at some of these used Mercedes models instead.

For those with the budget, though, the 350 d AMG 2017 is a worthy purchase.

It looks great, and offers a practical solution to satisfy the demands of a modern driver. The Lord might not be able to buy you a Mercedes Benz, but the driving gods have certainly delivered with this one.



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