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Doris Day? Here Are Some Tips For Coping With The Storms

24 Feb , 2017  

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Well.  It was a little bit hairy yesterday wasn’t it? Storm Doris headed across the UK causing complete chaos and an meltdown on social media.

From Gifs of cats blowing in trees to your friends, outside the path of the storm, posting photos of a leaf delicately blowing away.  Doris was dealt with typical British humour and the usual meltdown across all of our transport systems.




Storms create chaos wherever they go and driving should be avoided if at all possible.  Not just because visibility can be affected but also because of the unpredictable nature of our surroundings.

It’s bad enough having to contend with deer, rabbits and badgers jumping out at you, or navigating yourself around the swarm of cyclists in central London, without having the added terror of a tree landing on your bonnet.  

Of course it isn’t always possible to lock yourself in and bury your head under the duvet. Come hell or high water you may have to hit the road and prepare for the worst.




Before you even think about leaving the house you need to prepare. Being wise the day before a storm is due in can save you all kinds of drama.

Let’s face it, we rarely get surprised by a storm, weather reporters get so excited by the potential of disaster that they shove it down our necks the second they notice a slight gust brewing up in the North Atlantic.

Check your tyres, check your brakes, check your spare. Imagine getting a flat in the middle of a hurricane only to discover you suffered from a serious case of bad admin last time you got a flat. Once you have checked your car, get it stocked.

Ok, we accept the four horsemen of the apocalypse aren’t about to descend, but it is sensible to ensure you have water, a few snacks, your first aid kit is topped up and you have something warm and waterproof on the backseat.




You might be a calm, capable driver but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to come across someone who isn’t. In fact judging by the quality of driving we see on the roads most days, you may want to have your car accident lawyer on speed dial.  

This is really obvious advice, we apologise, but leave plenty of time to make your journey.  

Everyone is going to be struggling, you are going to get frustrated as people make nervous mistakes so accept that your twenty minute commute could take you an hour.  

Don’t get mad! It’s ok for people to be scared when they are driving in difficult decisions. Manage your own time better and avoid having to rush. Be extra aware of flying debris, especially branches.

Hopefully you will manage to make your journey without getting struck on the head by a falling tree and waking up in a strange and bizarre land where your colleagues appear to have morphed into a cowardly lion, a heartless tin man and a brain dead scarecrow.  



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