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What do you think on your first date drive?

13 Feb , 2017 Compare Car Insurance Now

You met on a dating app, as most of us millennials do. You’ve been messaging on WhatsApp for a while, it’s been going well, you have a lot in common, there’s been a bit of mild flirting. But you’ve never met in person.

The date is arranged and you’re about to jump in the car. Hopefully it’s a short drive so there isn’t too much to think…or worry.

You’re looking your best after changing outfit three times, and spending five minutes deciding what shoes go with it.

You get in the car and decide what to play on your iPod. Most likely something upbeat and positive, maybe the below if you’re really into them.
It’s good to keep things positive you know!



But it’s the first time getting face to face with them. What if they aren’t quite who they say they are? What if the pictures on their profile are THE best photos anyone has ever taken of them?! It happens…

It’s always a bit nerve wracking, especially if you think they might be with you long term in the future. Serial daters amongst you probably don’t get nervous in the slightest, but for some it’s a big deal.

You’ve invested all that time and effort in getting to know someone across the technological divide, but what if something puts you off about them? It could have all been for nothing.




Until you meet in person you just don’t know if it’s going to work. That’s why it’s almost better to go on a first date sooner rather than later. Then you both know from early on if you’re wasting each other’s time, or if there’s a spark there.

The middle part of the journey passes by quietly. You totally forget what you’re going to do, just listening to your tunes and driving. But as your destination arrives it all comes flooding back.

The doubt, the positivity, did you wear the right thing, do you look ok, are they going to like you? Your stomach will be doing flips, if you’re going for a meal you won’t feel hungry, your hands will go cold and you’ll sit in the car for a few minutes psyching yourself up.

Unlocking your phone and checking for messages over and over again, are they on time…are they coming at all?!




You turn the ignition off, take your key out, give yourself one last look in the rear-view mirror, step out, close the door and walk toward either a success or a failure.

But what do you do if you don’t have a car already?

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