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Clean Driving: The Effects Of Giving Your Vehicle A Deep Clean

13 Feb , 2017  

Old cars that have done a lot of mileage end up collecting a lot of dirt and grime over the years, they need more than a simple car wash to sort it out.

Deep cleaning your car could create a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your travelling comrades.

In fact, it may feel like a whole new car after a thorough deep clean, adding value for when you plan to sell. Here are just a few of the ways you can get your vehicle cleaned out.





Many of us don’t think about cleaning the stuff under the bonnet. Air filters, oil filters and fuel filters can all clog up over time.

Usually if it’s serious, you’ll notice a change in the exhaust colour as well as various other symptoms such as the engine overheating from leaky coolant or a burning smell and rapid fuel consumption

. However, even mild blockages can have performance effects. Get these filters replaced or cleaned out and you’ll notice yourself filling up all your fluids less.






The inside of your air-con can build up with mold, mildew and bacteria, as well as getting clogged with dirt and leaves.

Not only will this effect the quality of air circulating around your car, it may also pose a health risk to you, as you’ll be essentially breathing in bacteria.

Have all this cleaned out with a gas canister bomb, you normally set these off in the passenger footwell and put the air con on recirculate for 15 mins. Not only do they neutralise any bad bacteria they will also freshen and remove any odours from your car.

And top it off with an air freshener – you’ll notice the difference and your vehicle will start smelling like a new car again.




Oil change

Topping up your oil regularly isn’t enough. Old oil that’s been in your car for a while may start to thicken and congeal, causing blockages or causing parts not to work as efficiently.

Get an oil change and completely clean the system out. You can do this yourself if you have patience (it can be time-consuming) or shop around garages to do it for you.

There are many comparisons sites where you can look at individual costs from individual dealers (for example, check out these Jiffy Lube prices.)





Your average plastic headlights will start to grey up and fade over time. This affects their illumination quality, as well as making the front of your car look a tad tired.

You can replace the lights, or clean them yourself. Toothpaste and a toothbrush is a useful DIY trick that is sure to get your headlights looking spic and span.




General interior cleaning

There’s more dirt on most of our car seats than our toilet seats. There are various companies that can deep clean the interior of your car for you.

If you’d rather tackle the grime yourself, make sure to give it more than a quick hoover. Remove seat cushions to uncover those old sweets and crisp fragments, wipe down all surface with anti-bacterial wipes and shampoo the carpets and upholstery.

Get into every nook and cranny you can find (if you have the technical knowhow, you can even use the handbook to remove the seats). This will create a healthier environment and you’ll feel more comfortable picking up friends and relatives.



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