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Is Your Car Costing You Too Much? Here’s Some Solutions

4 Jan , 2017  

Driving is a brilliant skill to have, owning your own vehicle to drive whenever you want always comes in handy.

But at the same time, it can be highly expensive. When you have all kinds of bills to pay, the extra costs of owning and running a car can be a hassle.

When your vehicle costs are mounting, you might be wondering whether it’s worth still owning a car or just chucking it in altogether. But there are many options you can turn to when your car is costing too much. Here are some ways you can deal with the expenses of driving.


Trade In For Something Cheaper

Many people don’t do their research before buying a car. You might end up with a model that looks great but cripples you with monthly payment costs.

Maybe you have a luxury car with high insurance expenses. In cases like these, it’s best to trade your car in and find something more affordable.




But you don’t necessarily have to take a downgrade. You can find some fantastic models with affordable financing options.

What about leasing a car- this often gives you cheaper payments for high-end models. Leasing often also covers maintenance costs, so that you can save a lot of money.

You should also consider buying a used car. Second-hand vehicles will work out much cheaper, and you can still get great models. You might even want to look into buying used cars abroad if you’re moving abroad in the near future.




Reduce Your Extra Costs

Sometimes your vehicle payments are the least of your worries. Often, it’s the extra expenses that wear you down. The inevitable petrol refills can start to grind on your wallet. Servicing and maintenance costs can also add to this. Not to mention your monthly insurance bills.




It helps a lot to reduce these extra costs. For example, you might want to find ways to get cheaper car insurance.

Comparing providers online will help you find the best possible deal. Adding another driver to your insurance or having a safer vehicle can also reduce your payments.

You can cut down on your maintenance costs by learning how to do some repairs yourself. It’s easy to learn to a tyre or switch your windscreen wipers.

There are also apps which help you find the cheapest petrol stations near you. Finding ways to cut down on these extra costs will make your driving expenses less pressing.




Sell And Go Without

When your car is eating too much of your monthly budget, it may be time to sell up. It’s an expensive investment, and perhaps owning a car isn’t suited to your current circumstances.

Make sure you sell your car for the right price and take advantage of the money.

Instead of driving, you could consider cycling. It’s an efficient way to get around that can save you money and keep you fit. You could also consider investing in a motorcycle. The costs of riding a motorbike are much cheaper than driving.

You could always look into buying a car again in the future. But when the costs are too much, sometimes you have to go without.





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