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Top 5 facts you didn’t know about the Range Rover Evoque

20 Dec , 2016  


Range Rover have been producing their baby since 2011, and the Evoque has been a wild success. With celebrity tie ins from the likes of Victoria Beckham, it’s the Chelsea tractor of choice but it’s also pretty capable off road…if anyone ever ventures that far.

Here are 5 facts you probably didn’t know about the baby Rangie.

  1. Inside the Evoque there are 16KG of recycled plastic, its used in places like the arch liners and the engine cover. Whilst the roof lining is made from recycled polyester.
    Land Rover developed the Evoque with a ‘life cycle design’ in mind to help reduce its effect on the environment including when they are scrapped. Over its lifetime, or 125,000 miles this lets each Evoque save 3.6 tonnes of CO2.
    All together there are 21KG of natural and renewable materials in the car.


  2. The Evoque is the first Land Rover to use electronic power steering, this cuts fuel consumption by 2%. It also allows the option for a self-park system, this can fit the Evoque in a gap just 1.2 times the cars’ length.
  3. Available in a three and five door bodystyle the five door has a higher front windscreen and roofline to make more room for the rear seat occupants.
    But let’s face it…it looks cooler in its three-door guise.


  4. Weight was a key factor during the design of the Evoque, the lightest model tips the scales at 1600KG, which is still pretty portly to be honest. Lightweight materials like an aluminium bonnet, plastic front wings and a composite tailgate. Landy were going to incorporate a split-level tailgate as tradition dictates, but they ditched it as it would have used materials that were too heavy.
    Even though it’s based on the older Freelander platform there is only one common chassis component between the two.
  5. Testing took place in China, Russia and on the streets of Tokyo. In total 13,000 hours were spent to make every shut line between panels as close as possible and with the personalisation options there are 380,000 possible combinations for a potential buyer.

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