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Don’t Be Caught By Driving Test Traps!

20 Dec , 2016  

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When learning to drive, there’s always a great deal of anticipation leading up to the test. People rarely feel confident, but that’s normal. But, that lack of confidence can become much more severe when you have to wait for your test. Ideally, you should have your test booked as part of your lessons. But, it doesn’t always work this way.

Busy instructors with lots of students could be liable to forget when it’s time to book the test.

At this point, you may not know that your test isn’t booked up well in advance. And, with test center waiting times, this could leave you waiting for months.

This is particularly bad when you take an intensive course. As the knowledge is no longer fresh in your mind, once the test comes around.

So, obviously, it’s better to book the test yourself. The risk that your instructor will be this forgetful is fairly low, but it’s not worth it when you’re spending a lot of money on lessons. You should plan ahead, and book the test as early as possible. And, then you can use your test date to book your lessons. 




It’s very common to fail the test on your first attempt. In most places, there’s a difference between being a good a driver and taking a test, nerves and often the situation will conspire against you.

Everyone knows all the best drivers pass second time! You normally have to wait a set amount of time before applying for your test again, so make sure you book lessons for this interveining period.

Driving test cancellations are here to help, though. Instead of booking your test normally, you can choose to try and get in where someone else cancels.

Last minute tests mean you have to be flexible. You may only find out about the test the day before, so make sure you’re ready for the road before starting. 




But, it could also take longer. If nobody cancels, or you’re unable to accept a test quick enough, you will miss out. You need to be fast on the trigger.

Most of the services that can support you in getting a canceled slot will do a lot of this legwork for you. But, you still have to be observant.

At the end of the day, you want to get on the road as fast as possible. So, it’s worth using methods that aren’t exactly traditional. If you’ve already forked out a lot of money for lessons, it’s not worth being caught out by someone else’s mistake. Hopefully, this will inspire you to work harder at your new driving career.

Do plenty of research, and always make sure that the options you choose are…legal.






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