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How To Decorate Your Car For Christmas

12 Dec , 2016  

Ok, this could be tacky, but lots of people do it to get into the festive spirit. My dad used to plug in a light up “Merry Christmas” and place it in the back of his Renault Scenic…each to their own.


Starting off with the exterior you can convert your beloved motor into a Rudolph reincarnation, with some antlers for the windows and a red nose for the grille.

A simple yet effective modification to bring Christmas cheer to all around you…or some off looks, pointing and crying children.




Another way to infuse Christmas spirit to your fellow travellers would be to stick some snowy decals to your windows, let’s face it, it’s probably the only snow any of us will see on home shores this winter!

Or, you could once again adopt a Rudolph theme and go for a much larger cheeky reindeer peering out of your rear window.




If it’s lights you’re after, then you can go for either battery or 12v cigarette powered illuminations. You can buy AA powered snowflakes for about £1.95 delivered…bargain.

Or…wait for it…my father’s favourite, the light up 12v Merry Christmas sign can be yours for a whopping £9.99 delivered.




There are some more classic, possibly classier looking offerings too. A wooden festive archway depicting pine trees, snowmen and log cabins attaches with Velcro and would look spiffing all lit up on the dashboard of your new 3 series.


But wait, we have truly done you proud here. When that 6ft Norwegian spruce in your living room isn’t enough, when you want a Christmas tree with you at all times…you can now have a light up mini tree for your car, it even comes with a bracket so you can mount it in your cup holders.




And finally, if all that is a bit too in your face, why not just buy some festive cushion covers with an ever so Victorian theme to them? They can take pride of place on your back seats over the festive period!




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