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Caring For And Looking After Your Car

10 Dec , 2016  


Your beloved motor can suffer some serious damage if it is neglected, even slightly. It should be cared for in the same manner that you would look after a pet. At least your car doesn’t need as much attention!

One method of caring for your car that may have been overlooked is an oil change.

Oil provides lubrication to your engine and aging oil will increase the access that dirt and grime have to the internal mechanisms of your car. This is extremely bad news and you should have an oil check or change sorted for your car, so dirt build-up doesn’t leave you with engine issues.




Oil is one thing, but the best way to start off with caring for your car is cleaning the thing! Remove the old cups and bits of paper from the interior and give it a damn good clean to remove bacteria that will eventually destroy and eat away at the inside of the car.

Tyres are obviously of huge importance to a car, but worn-out tyres might just be as bad as having none at all. Your tyres are the only part of the vehicle which actually make contact with the road.

Test your tyres depth, if they are less tan the border of a 20p piece, use tools like a tyre size calculator to find the correct replacement and get them changed. It could be very costly if you do not.




If you’re not going to use the car in a while, you must store it correctly. Sunlight can ruin your paint and destroy a nice interior. So find some shade.

If it’s going to be a long-term storage, ensure the car has an oil and petrol change, cover it up and start it up every month or so to kick the car in drivable condition. Be careful if you’re storing your car under a tree as bird poop leaves an acidic mark on your car that will eat into the paintwork if you don’t clean it off!




Another important part of your car are the brakes. It sounds obvious, but with use and wear, the brake pads of your vehicle will become worn. It’s important to get these checked if you notice any signs of wear, like a noise or an increase in stopping time.

Other items that need checking are the air filter and spark plugs to keep your car in tip top condition.

Caring for your car is easy if you spring into action regularly. If you decide to ignore a single problem, the issues will grow until you have to take a costly trip to the garage!






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