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Essential Road Safety Tips That You Probably Forgot

7 Dec , 2016  

Car accidents are never a pretty thing. It doesn’t matter how minor or major the accident is; you could end up with serious damage to your vehicle, or worse, permanent injuries to yourself. To give you a reminder of all the safety tips that you forgot, here’s some advice to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.


Wear Your Seat Belt

Let’s face it, some of us have been naughty and “forgotten” to put on the seat belt. It’s uncomfortable, it digs into your shoulders, and you’re a safe enough driver that you don’t need it—but that’s a foolish way to think.

Unless you want to slam head first through your windscreen and end up with permanent head injuries, then wear your seat belt. If it’s uncomfortable, then attach a comfortable rest to the belt and have it on your shoulders.




Mind the Weather 

Frosty roads and wet tarmac are some of the most awkward and dangerous conditions to drive in. It’s easy to lose control of your vehicle, and you might end up hitting a kerb or another vehicle if you aren’t careful.

Prepare your car for those cold and wet seasons. Make sure you carry a scraper and switch your tires to winter jobbies if you have to do a lot of driving in adverse weather conditions.




Don’t Drink and Drive

This is an obvious one, however, people don’t realise how little alcohol is needed until your reactions and vision can be impaired.

It’s technically legal to drink and drive, but the amount of alcohol that’s considered “legal” is extremely small. If you’ve had a drink but you need to drive, then sober up and let the effects pass before you get on the road.

Alternatively, call a taxi or ask a sober friend to drive for you. If you’re unsure about your blood alcohol level, then carry a breathalyser in your car.

But if you’re ever in DUI straits, law firms will always strive alongside you, but the best method will always be to prevent it happening in the first place.




Watch out for Others

You might be a great driver, but that doesn’t mean other people are. The majority of accidents that people are involved in aren’t caused by themselves, but by other motorists who were careless with their driving.

Whenever you’re on a busy road, take care by watching other drivers and their speeds. Never argue or fight over position on the road with aggressive drivers, and always be defensive. Move out of the way if someone is speeding, and stay clear from anyone dangerous that could cause a crash.


Don’t Drive When You’re Drowsy

We all understand the struggles of trying to get into work on a Monday morning. Sadly, that’s no excuse to be asleep at the wheel!

If you’re tired and unable to drive properly, then consider taking public transport or calling for a taxi. The extra cost is worth the added safety. If you’re in the middle of traffic and you’re feeling tired, then find somewhere to pull over and relax for a while.





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