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Volvo Trucks – The Flying Passenger VIDEO – Sponsored

30 Nov , 2016  

Last week we posted about Volvo’s attempt to drag a paraglider behind one of its Volvo FH trucks…and not kill him in the process.

Well, now the video has gone live and it’s pretty skilful!

Mr Galvani (the dude on the parachute) skates along the ground at times…which must have been a tad dodgy when being towed by a 500 BHP lorry. That’s a point where you don’t want to faceplate onto tarmac.

The whole shenanigans was set up to show how well the worlds only dual clutch lorry gearbox, copes with changes in road conditions. Whether it be bends, or inclines.

It gets the point across, in a pretty dramatic way.







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