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eBay find of the week – V8 Petrol Land Rover Defender

26 Nov , 2016   Gallery


Seeing as i’m forever looking at weird and wonderful cars on eBay i thought it was about time my finds were shared with you all!

Our first ever eBay Find Of The Week – FOTW is this 1987 v8 Land Rover Defender.





It’s the ultimate Zombie Apocalypse vehicle really. Front winch, outer whole body roll cage, roof lights, CB radio, off road wheels and a trusty Rover 3.5 litre V8 up front.

With roughly 174,000 miles on it, the price is probably reflected well at £5,950.

For some reason old V8 Defenders have a soft spot in my heart, they hark back to the good old days of a large petrol V8 with a relatively modest power output – 134 HP when new. The days before turbo charging and diesel engines. They are pure in nature.

Naturally the 90 is the one to go for, the shorter, stubbier wheel base just looks the part.



It’s had a chequered MOT past, but on the whole the last 10 years haven’t been too harsh on it!




But the question is, why do i want one?

Well i think it would be awesome to kit one out, full on Tomb Raider style. Making it as true to the original that featured in the 2001 film (that car now sits at the Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon). Probably based on a 90 though…

Yup it really would have ALL those accessories on it full time, just to drive in Milton Keynes to the shops and back. Cool as fcuk!

Alas, it would cost literally thousands to achieve…






Since i was young I’ve always imagined how awesome it would be to own one of the armoured Defenders that the use in Nothern Ireland. I remember them in pretty much every news report when i was a kid.

Originally they were dark grey. Fully armoured they could go through anything, often seen lit ablaze by a petrol bomb, or being attacked by a mob, they were indestructible.

Apparently there are only 2 survivors of that original type. They were fully armoured, had twin fuel tanks, pumps and batteries for redundancy, and a fire suppression system. But they were powered by the old faithful Rover V8. They must have been dog slow with all that weight…but how damn cool would one of those be!



Maybe one day my beastly Defender itch will be scratched!


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