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The 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid is packed full of safety tech

22 Nov , 2016  

Ford has made significant inroads into the world of safety in the last few years. It’s been trying to catch up with the likes of Mercedes and BMW, who so far have taken the lead.

Being one of the oldest and most innovative car makers, Ford has decided to strike back. This year saw the launch of the Fusion Hybrid SE.

Not only does the car have a dual engine, but it’s also taking safety very seriously indeed. This will no doubt trickle across the pond to the new Mondeo.


The first significant change you’ll see on the inside is the rear view camera. This feature is now equipped as standard on the model.

There’s also dual stage front driver and passenger airbags as well as front seat side airbags. The airbags on the Fusion are designed to protect head, neck, and knees against impact.

But besides this standard fare, the new Ford Fusion borrows some technology from its European rivals.

One of the things that the Ford Fusion now uses is a sensor-based system to alert drivers of tyre pressure. According to www.injuryflorida.lawyer/practice-areas/auto-accidents/ many accidents take place because of problems with the car itself. Underinflated tires are one such problem.

If tires suddenly blow out, drivers can lose control of their vehicles. Underinflated tires are an issue because they can wear out unevenly and then suddenly explode. If tire pressure is lower than it should be on the Fusion, a warning light will appear on the dashboard to alert the driver.

The instrument display will also show the current pressure in each tire. The driver can then take the appropriate action to solve the problem.


The Fusion also uses AdvanceTrac electronic stability control. This system works by using two gyroscopic sensors on the car. These sensors measure the amount of roll and yaw that the car is experiencing. When the sensors detect wheel slip, roll or understeer, they change the spin rate of the wheels and help keep the driver in control.

This is ideal for drivers who regularly drive in severe conditions. If you live in an area prone to mud or snow, the Ford Fusion might just be the car for you. AdvanceTrac is also perfect for if you happen to live somewhere where it rains a lot. The system is able to correct the motion of the car if it detects that you are skidding out of control.


A feature of the ESC system is something Ford has called Curve Control. The idea of this feature is to slow the car down as it goes into a corner.

If the vehicle detects that it is going too fast around a corner, it will slow down without any driver input. As yet, the system isn’t fail-safe – drivers can still lose control of the Fusion.

But the system is a big step up from the kind of cars we saw Ford producing back in the mid-2000s. Now the company is taking cornering much more seriously than they did when the first Ford Kas were launched.

What’s impressive about the Fusion today is just how many safety features come as standard. You can see the full list at www.ford.com. We’ve only scratched the surface of how Ford is now protecting its drivers.

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