Citroen CXperience Front - Citroen Reveal Striking CXperience Concept - Citroen Reveal Striking CXperience Concept

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Citroen Reveal Striking CXperience Concept

6 Sep , 2016  

Citroen have revealed a striking new concept car called CXPerience.

It’s set to be shown to the world at the 2016 Paris Auto Show which starts next month.

The CXPerience is Citroen’s fresh new approach to the hatchback segment.

The exterior sees V-shaped signature headlights with three rows of staggered LED daytime running lights – a styling feature becoming more common on Citroens.

Citroen CXperience - Back

In addition the exterior features concave rear windows and a moving fin which improve aerodynamics and laser fibre optics 3D rear lights.

Citroen CXperience - Side

The interior sees a yellow theme with premium materials used. There’s a single spoke steering wheel which pays homage to historic designs. They’ll also be a floating dashboard which has a 3D appearance which sits centre to a singular cut-out piece which flows back to the rear seats.

Citroen CXperience - Interior

The dashboard also sees a 19” rectangular display which houses all the car’s on board functions such as air con, sat-nav, driving aids and media.

The CXPerience will be a 8 speed auto hybrid. The petrol engine provides between 150 and 200 hp. The electric motor produces 80 kW of energy. The car can be driven in all-electric mode with a range of 60 km. Combined can see 300hp.

Motorway driving can see both power methods shared to help lower fuel consumption.

The CXPerience has a 3 kW battery that can be charged in 4.5 hours with a standard charger or in less than 2.5 hours with a 6.6 kW charger.