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Honda Care Package competition!

12 Aug , 2016  

So, we have quite a bit of Honda gear to give away!

The care package will keep you set up in JDM bliss for the foreseeable future.


Thank’s for all your entries, we were amazed with how many people entered! But there can only be one winner…and that is:

Experian Autocheck

Dan Hullander from North Dakota, USA

Congrats Dan, and we will be shipping the gear off to you ASAP.


Honda Care Package

The loot includes:

  • An official Type-R hoody in Large
  • White Honda branded wayfarers
  • An I <3 Honda sound activated light up bracelet
  • A Honda pen
  • A Honda notepad
  • A Honda ‘The Power of Dreams’ drawstring bag.

We are also throwing in…

  • A Breffo Spiderpodium
  • A sachet of awesome Doc Vision screen wash
  • And the best prize of them all! A retro Carwitter mug!

The compo is open for a month, anyone from across the globe can enter…yup we will ship it anywhere. The winner is totally picked at random (we don’t even have control over this!). Oh, and it isn’t affiliated with Honda at all.

Honda Care Package Competition - 002 - carwitter

Honda Care Package Competition - 007 - carwitter

Honda Care Package Competition - 006 - carwitter

Honda Care Package Competition - 005 - carwitter

Honda Care Package Competition - 004 - carwitter

Honda Care Package Competition - 003 - carwitter


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