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Top 5 Smartphone Car Accessories 2016

5 Aug , 2016  

So everyone these days has a smartphone, but driving safely with it or keeping it charged can be tricky. We have picked out the top 5 best smartphone car accessories in each class items you should have to keep you connected whilst on the move.


No.1 – Quick Charge 3.0 Anker 42W 2-Port USB Car Charger

Anker are the masters of portable power, their battery packs are the dogs and their car chargers are simply the best on the market.


They utilise in built technology to charge your device at the very quickest rate in can take. This latest variant can charge compatible devices to 80% in just 35 mins. Having two ports means it can power your sat nav and charge your phone at the same time, at top speed!

It’s surge protected, temperature controlled and guaranteed for 18 months. Don’t waste your money on anything else!

You can get one here.


No.2 – MONTAR Universal Car Holder

Next up you need something to hold your phone safely. A lot of people will use their mobiles as sat navs or as music players with a streaming service.

The MONTAR Universal Car Holder is ridiculously strong and robust, we have been using one for the last few and it’s rock solid, it doesnt move. At. All.

Winnergear Montar Car Mount - Carwitter

Winnergear Montar Car Mount 3 - Carwitter

And the best thing about it? It can be used with any iPod, iPhone, Android, even the plus size ones!

Winnergear Montar Car Mount 2 - Carwitter

You can pick them up pretty much anywhere online, or get here on Amazon.


No.3 – MicFlip 2.0 Fully [ Micro USB & Standard USB ] Reversible

Ok, this one is Android biased, but the latest iPhone’s only really have half the problem. This cable is completely reversible at both ends. No faffing about trying to get each end of the cable the right way round, just stick it in!

Winnergear MICFLIP USB FULLY REVERSIBLE Android Cable 2 - Carwitter

Winnergear MICFLIP USB FULLY REVERSIBLE Android Cable - Carwitter

Winnergear MICFLIP USB FULLY REVERSIBLE Android Cable Connector - Carwitter

They are pretty new, and a little pricey at £13.00 currently reduced online here.


No.4 – Jabra Freeway wireless Speaker phone

This is one for people who have older cars, drive multiple cars, and or don’t have built in Bluetooth.

The Jabra Freeway clips onto your sunvisor, discreetly out the way it can sit there for 40 days on standby and has 14 hours talk time. It has voice recognition so you can make and receive calls completely hands free.

Jabra Freeway - Carwitter

You can pair 8 devices to it, connect 2 at the same time, stream music from your mobile via bluetooth and transmit it on an FM frequency to your stereo, it has motion sensing so turns on and off with the car doors opening or closing, 3 built in speakers and dual MIC’s to filter out background noise.

q?_encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B004XZHY34&Format=_SL250_&ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=GB&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=carwitter-21Used ones crop up on eBay now and then, otherwise Amazon is your


No.5 – Breffo Spiderpodium Flexible Grip/Mount

Ok, so it’s another car mount. But this one can be used lower down in your car by attaching to air vents. With its spidery legs 4 of them fit into an air vent and the other 4 around your phone or iPod. Position it right and it will stay perfectly placed, giving you easy fingertip reach to skip to the next track or to accept a call.

Breffo Spiderpodium Review - Box - carwitter

Breffo Spiderpodium Review - Flat - carwitter

They can also be used anywhere really, as a phone stand at home or on a plane, to grip round something for taking pictures. The Spiderpodium is really handy!

Breffo Spiderpodium Review - Phone Vertical In Car - carwitter

Again, they are available pretty much anywhere online. But for a colour choice head here.


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