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Apple Watch Scania Edition puts the focus on pro drivers – Sponsored Video

18 Jul , 2016  

So we mainly thing of smartwatches as a needless accessory, a few have bought into them but the uptake still remains small.

Scania on the other hand have seen how this could improve professional drivers well being.

To mark the launch of the new watch and accompanying apps Scania have created an additional accessory. The Scania 140 V8 Bracelet.

A vintage engine block from an LB140 V8 was melted down and re-forged into these cast iron watch straps.

Magnus Andersson, Scania’s Product Manager for Digital Business said:

We wanted to create something to celebrate the V8. Back in 1969 this engine helped coin the phrase “King of the Road”, and the V8 is at the heart of Scania. With this bracelet, we can let you wear a piece of motoring history on your wrist and connect part of our heritage to our future.

Scania Black Griffin Smart Watch Wearable 2 - carwitter

The unique apps that come with the watch can monitor drivers’ activity, letting them know if they are becoming tired or if they need to stand and be more mobile on rest breaks.

Scania Apple Watch - 140 Bracelet Box - carwitter

It can also notify an emergency contact if the driver has had a fall whilst unloading deliveries.

It’s certainly a unique proposition from a truck company, but it could be the start of making professional drivers safer and more connected on our roads. I’m sure it could measure drive time so it would be in sync with the tractors tachograph, it could alert employers when a driver has been driving too long or if the driver was stressed or tired.

Scania Apple Watch - 140 Bracelet - carwitter

Scania Apple Watch - 140 Bracelet 2 - carwitter

Whilst it could become a bit big brother, it’s an interesting step forward and bring the smartwatch to a whole new market.

The bracelet comes in £280, whilst the watch a more hefty £650.



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