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Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review – Worth the money?

2 Jul , 2016  

If you’re in the market for a frugal, economic hatchback then a hybrid would be the right thing to buy right? Well that’s what Toyota would have you believe, queue the Yaris Hybrid.

We have always been intrigued to see if it can really live up to the stereotype most people have regarding hybrid tech, it was time to put one to the test.

Our little ladybug style ‘Bi red/black’ Yaris came in Design trim level, with only two optional extras – the two tone Vermillion Red paint at £795 and Toyota Touch2 with Go costing £650 our little eco warrior came in at a rather pricey £18,840.

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review - Front Angle 2 - carwitter



This third coming of the Yaris has received a few minor tweaks and nips here and there since its debut in 2011.

The now divisive X Face has jumped from its little brother the Aygo. It’s new looks have kept it fresh and up to date, the dark 16” alloys and tinted windows move it firmly to the IN crowd.

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With a total output of 73 BHP and 111 Nm of torque the 0-62 time is a rather sedate 11.8 seconds. It has enough grunt for day to day life, and when on the motorway it hums along nicely.

Below 40 MPH you can run in pure electric mode – as long as you have a ballerina’s touch on the pedals. If you push just a little bit too hard the petrol engine fires back into life. The Yaris also doesn’t drive very far on battery power alone either, rarely did we get more than a few minutes in silent bliss.

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review - Rear Scene - carwitter

Many people hate the CVT gearbox in this country, but in this application it was seamless. Coupling both the electric motor and the 1.5 litre VVT engine it was buttery smooth, and unusually silent for its type. It seemed to keep the revs as low as possible most of the time, the only exception to this was in traffic with the air con on, then the revs shot up as if we had a geriatric right foot.

Steering feel is nicely weighted, it feels like a bigger car than it is but can be accurately placed darting in and out of traffic. It also lightens up no end when manoeuvring at low speed.

Our biggest bugbear though was the stereotype we held (along with most) that all hybrids are congestion charge exempt. Whilst we had the Toyota a trip to London was planned, however this Yaris Hybrid had 16” alloys, meaning it produces 82g/km of CO2. To be congestion charge free you have to emit 75g/km or less. Annoying.

Over 400 miles we only managed 49 MPG. Toyota have given the Yaris an Urban rating of 91.1, yet the Combined figure was lower at 78.5. So only 42.1 miles short on its official rating…

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Inside the Yaris is smart enough, all the switchgear is tactile and feels as if it would last a lifetime – as you would expect. The infotainment system was easy to navigate and the swiping function was a handy addition.

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review - Steering Wheel - carwitter

The only real gripe was the strange positioning of the seat belt and airbag lights; they are directly to the left of the steering wheel. It pushes the touch screen away from the driver and is just plain odd, why not put them lower down by the gearstick or above by the interior light? It’s not even because it’s a right/left hand drive switch over, the left hand drive cars still have it in the same place just reversed.

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review - Dashboard 2 - carwitter

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review - Dashboard - carwitter

Rear seat headroom was very good, the hybrid system taking up no extra cabin space at all.

Boot space is a decent 286 litres, but there is quite a deep lip to it. The rear seats also don’t fold fully flat which could hinder loading larger objects.

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review - Boot - carwitter

2016 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Review - Rear Seats - carwitter



As loveable as the Yaris was for us it seems a hard sell. For around £100 more you could opt for our MPG family favourite the Civic S with its 1.6 i-DTEC engine, yes it’s a bigger car but still only emitting 94g/km of CO2 it’s pretty damn environmentally friendly and it manages 60.9 MPG.

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After a city car? The 1.6 BlueHDi Peugeot 208 with start & stop pumps out just 79g/km and can be had from as little as £15,815.

Buying a hybrid makes you think you are saving the world, but there are other options.


Carwitter Summary:

Toyota Yaris Hybrid – Pricey, smooth gearbox, decent interior, lacking MPG.

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  • Jacob Geertsen

    Again a typical fail review of the Yaris Hybrid – why do I even bother…to make a REAL honest review? – because we HAVE A YARIS in our carpark, and we should know? or just because so god damn many internet review is shit? well up to you Anyway a Hybrid, you have to LEARN to drive – and it takes more than a DAY – it takes weeks, months or for a teen internet review site it properly takes a lifetime, well they never learn it I think. WHEN you learn to drive it – the MPG gets way better IF you dont drive it as a no brain teen (or Internet review site like this)…yes the airbag light is annoying, but again if you drive it every day, after a week you dont notice it – at ALL – TRUTH !! But then again, this is a very good example why internet review is better to flush down the toilet… writing about this light in a review is plain brain dead, that I can only laugh AHAHAHA

    • Don’t be bitter just because you own an overpriced car that falls short of the claimed MPG.
      I’m glad you agree that the airbag light is hideous, but i guess you had to get used to it sitting in front of it everyday.
      We “learnt” to drive the car and said the CVT ‘box was great, we drove it how we would any other vehicle…how all our review cars are driven.
      How are we a teen review site?
      How is the review a “kids typo”?

  • MJL

    We’ve had a Yaris hybrid in the family for 4 years now (the Yaris been updated again since the pictures accompanying the review – more facelifts than the current BMW 3-series…). I enjoyed reading the review, so a few observations. First, mixed driving delivers for us about 60mpg, with 50 mpg or more around town, where the quietness and smoothness of the drivetrain is sensational for a supermini. Second, while some small diesels may match it on CO2, we all now know that diesels pump out a lot more than CO2, and hopefully their days are numbered. Third, the car has been totally reliable during ownership, and the excellent build quality means the interior looks almost new. In this size class, only the Zoe can also offer the refinement and low-speed torque of electrical power around town. Perhaps in its latest iteration the Yaris hybrid is worth another look?