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McLaren 570S Sprint heads to Goodwood

23 Jun , 2016  

If you have a spare £148k for a track toy? You may be interested in the new McLaren 570S Sprint being debuted at Goodwood FoS this weekend.

It’s a stripped out racer that can be optioned to official GT4 specs if need be.

You get a new GT3 inspired high temperature radiator, with a new aggressive front splitter and lower floor assembly to help split the air into upper, lower and through the car.

McLaren 570S Sprint - Side - carwitter

The flying buttresses are still there, but the fancy interior is gone. Inside is a stripped out cabin with an FIA approved rollcage and six point racing harness, along with a fire extinguisher system.

Cast magnesium wheels are fitted with Pirelli racing slicks, a built in air jack system can also be optioned.

Deliveries will start in 2017.

McLaren 570S Sprint - Front - carwitter

McLaren 570S Sprint - Rear - carwitter

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