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BMW i3 gets upgrades – 94Ah model hits the road

3 May , 2016  

From July the concept car for the road that is the BMW i3 will get an extended range of 195 miles in everyday driving conditions.

It is to receive a battery boost to 94Ah, and upgrade of 34Ah over the first gen model, effectively giving it 50% more range.

2016 BMW i3 94AH - Front White - carwitter

You still get the rapid 0-62 of 7.3 seconds as well as DC Rapid Charge being standard.

Battery dimensions remain unchanged and you still get an 8 year 100,000 mile warranty on the battery – although it is meant to last the life of the vehicle, so hopefully that means longer than 8 years!

The Range Extender model is still available which gives you up to 276 miles to a charge/tank. One of those will set you back £30,980 with the £4,500 government OLEV grant.

This new model uses just 12.6 kWh per 100km, the cost per mile would equal out at a Diesel achieving 470.8 MPG.

There is also the option of two new colours that used to be exclusive to its bigger bro the i8 – Protonic Blue with its Frozen Grey metallic.

BMW’s updated 94Ah version will go on sale from £27,830 including the government hand out.

2016 BMW i3 94AH - Rear White - carwitter

2016 BMW i3 94AH - Battery Cutaway - carwitter

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