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The Caterham Seven just got cooler – A LEGO version is on the way!

15 Mar , 2016  

If the classic lines and topless experience of the Caterham Seven wasn’t cool enough it just got even more sub zero.

Soon you will be able to buy your very own mini kit car Seven.

Caterham Seven 7 LEGO Models - Selection- carwitter

A concept version of the model was submitted to the LEGO Ideas system, any submission with 10,000 votes or upward are considered by the ideas review team. If it is then selected it goes into full production.

It was submitted by LEGO builder Carl Greatix but there is no word on a release date, colour ways or price yet. Just the ominous “later this year”. Stay tuned!

Caterham Seven 7 LEGO Model - White Blue - carwitter

Caterham Seven 7 LEGO Model - Front Scene - carwitter

Caterham Seven 7 LEGO Model - Front - carwitter

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