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Caterham announce 2015 range

25 Mar , 2015  

After all the shenanigans over at the F1 Caterham Team last year, it will be relief to many with interest in the road car side of the business that things appear to have settled down and that progress is once again being made.

The company has just announced that it will now offer a range of five models, starting with the relatively lowly Seven 160, giving a steady 0-60 of 6.9 secs, right through to the outrageous Seven 620R, which if you don’t mind leaving several layers of facial skin behind, will take the rest of you from standing to 60mph in just 2.8 secs!

Caterham New Range - carwitter

In between these two ‘bookend’ models sit three new ones, the Seven 270, 360 and 420.  In case the seemingly random model numbers need clarification, they refer to that cars bhp figure, doubled.  For instance the Seven 360 has a bhp of 180.

The two entry level models house Ford’s 1.6ltr Sigma engine, with the other models housing Ford’s 2.0ltr Duratec engine, all tuned to their respective degrees.  All the models remain true to the Caterham ethos of ‘accessible fun’ by employing the approach of minimal, lightweight production.

Caterham Seven 270 R - interior - carwitter

And now Caterham are spoiling you with the option of two new equipment packs.  The ‘S’ pack is aimed at the softies among us, those requiring a fully carpeted cockpit, a full windscreen, a roof and side screens.  You also get leather seats. Look out Bentley!

If you’re a proper Caterham aficionado, then you’ll be opting for the  ‘R’ pack which offers no frilly bits.  This is the pack for the racers. Highlights include, limited slip diff, sports suspension and a proper four-point race harness.

Graham Macdonald, Caterham’s CEO, summed it all up by saying:

Caterham Cars has been making exciting sportscars accessible to driving enthusiasts for over 40 years. Now, with our all-new, simplified model line-up and equipment packages, we feel we have a Seven for everyone, whether your perfect drive is a Sunday drive through the countryside or a hardcore blast around a race track

Caterham Seven 270 -carwitter

When it all comes down to it, there can’t be many better ways of having some genuine track fun than in a Seven.

Let’s hope the recent F1 troubles are now well and truly behind them and the good people at Caterham can get on with what they are best at.


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