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Bentayga makes European market debut

25 Jan , 2016  

Today Bentley have unveiled their Bent Tiger Bentayga in the flesh to the European audience for the first time.

Shown off at Kitzbühel due to the world famous ski-race starting today, the Bentayga sat at the foot of the Streif ski run.

Bentley say this is the:

…fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world…

Bentley Bentayga - Kitzbühel - Rear - Carwitter

Bentley grew their sales my 10% last year in the EU upping total vehicle sales to an exclusive 1,695.

The Bentayga has 600 BHP being produced by its twin turbo 6.0 litre W12, torque is a staggering 899 Nm. The 2.2 tonne SUV will hit 60 in 4 seconds and go on to a top speed of 187 MPH.

A poverty spec version will set you back £160k, but add a few choice options and you are soon looking at £200k.

Bentley Bentayga - Kitzbühel - Front - Carwitter

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