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We take a Suzuki Vitara on track…

12 Dec , 2015  

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When you think of Suzuki as a car brand you wouldn’t normally associate them with racing or on track action.

However, last year Suzuki supplied Radical with over a million pounds’ worth of motorcycle engines for their legendary track racers.

In the same breath Suzuki have released their most potent Vitara model so far. The S.

It is fitted with a 1.4 litre turbocharged engine producing 138 BHP ad 220NM of torque. Not rapid by most means, but the current Swift Sport only packs 134 BHP from its high revving 1.6 petrol lump.

Suzuki Vitara S On Track - Front - carwitter

Along with the extra horses, Suzuki have fitted stiffer suspension for a more road focussed handling bias. Naturally you can still opt for 4WD if that’s your thing.

The model S comes with the rugged body kit and spoiler along with black alloys to finish the mean looks.

Suzuki Vitara S On Track - Front Angle - carwitter

Recently we attended an event at Croft to see just how sporty this new addition to the Vitara line up is.

Heading out from the pits for a few sighting laps and already you can feel the S is more energetic than the 1.6 petrol model.

Suzuki Vitara S On Track - Croft Pit Exit - carwitter

Handling feels a little tighter and body roll has been improved to the point that you can actually have fun in a sporty environment with this baby SUV.

Acceleration is notably improved, especially when coupled with the lightweight characteristics of the Vitara. In a track environment the brakes could be sharper with more feedback, but nobody is EVER going to take their Vitara S on track…

Suzuki Vitara S On Track - Track Action Croft - carwitter

Some of the journos found their limit after a quick session blasting around Croft.

The new Vitara S sits at the very top of the range, and will start around the £21,000 mark. It comes without the glass panoramic sunroof and will only have 4 colour choices – White, Red, Black and Grey.

Inside you get some fancy red stitching and matching vent surrounds too.

Deliveries will start in January next year, with the new 1.4 turbo unit only being available on the S model.

Suzuki Vitara S On Track - Radical - carwitter

Suzuki Vitara S On Track - Radical Pits - carwitter

Suzuki Vitara S On Track - Croft Lineup - carwitter

Suzuki Vitara S On Track - Croft Lineup Close - carwitter

Suzuki Vitara S On Track - Croft Pits - carwitter

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