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PROJECT 106 GTi – The history

25 Oct , 2015  

I thought it would be worth creating a post detailing the rich history our Peugeot 106 GTi has with it.

As soon as i saw the wedge of paperwork that came with the car i knew it was the one to have. Theres something about knowing a cars precise history that gives it more of a soul than one without.

Are you sitting comfortably? I shall begin.

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Our little Mauritius Blue Peugeot 106 GTi was first registered on the 30th November 1999, it would have been bought on or around that date. It was sold by the Peugeot main dealer Fish Brothers in Swindon. It was registered from new on the personalised plate S11 JPW.

In July 2000 it had a whole new nearside door mirror replaced at a cost of £133.82.

On 22nd December 2001 it had its first MOT, naturally it passed without incident and had 18,531 miles on the clock.

It was time for the first buyer to move on and the 106 was sold in January 2002 by Wilsons – a dealership in Epsom Surrey.

An Experian car data check was run with nothing recorded against outstanding finance or accident damage. For some reason the front numberplate was replaced at this time. It had 19,159 miles on it at that time.

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The next record of the car we have is in January 2003 for its MOT, it now has 27,380 miles on it. Unfortunately there isn’t a certificate for 02-03.

It had new tyres fitted all round on the 9th April 2004, with wheel alignment to adjust the tracking. This was at Hi-Q in Guildford, Surrey. Total cost £294.28.

On the 22nd of April 2004 it had a 20,000 mile service, a new numberplate bulb and the rear wiper replaced. This was at Stag Hill Motors in Godalming Surrey at a cost of £197.06.

Not long after that on the 14th May 2004 it had a new key supplied along with a new window channel being installed. Again this was carried out by the Peugeot main dealer Stag Hill in surrey, cost £136.05.

It looks as though it failed the MOT emissions test in May of 2005. It had a new exhaust from Kwik Fit in Wandsworth London at a cost of £178.40. There are two diagnostic emissions results, one from Colchester in Essex and the other from Battersea.

After that there is MOT certificate on the 20th April, mileage 36,711.

At the next MOT on 27th April 2005 the mileage sat at 41,821.

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On the 8th of May 2006 it had its 40,000 mile service at Underwoods Peugeot in Colchester. Also noted down is that the alarm keeps going off, it was tested and no fault to be found, but if the problem continues the interior sensors need to be replaced. Total cost of service, diagnostics and MOT – £347.61. Mileage 48,374.

The owners address is recorded as Battersea – this explains the myriad of parking dents having lived a lot of its life in London!

On the 19th December 2006 a new ABS sensor was supplier by the current owner and fitted at Warwick Wright in Clapham, the owners address is written down as Guildford, so it looks as though it spent its time travelling between London and Surrey.

At its next MOT on May 16th 2007 it had covered 54,021 miles. The MOT was taken in Battersea.

On the 18th of January 2008 it had a new back box from a small garage in Wandsworth. Cost £108.48.

Then on the 10th of March it had new brakes all round, a bulb, new washer pump and a rear wiper. The work was carried out in Battersea. Total cost £307.04.

At its MOT in May it had 59,435 miles on the odometer.

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In November 2008 the mileage sat at 62,001 so a 60k service was carried out in Battersea (including a new alternator belt) at a cost of £242.59.

Yet again the little 106 needed new ABS sensors, this time both of them were changed on the 25th June 2009. It also had an MOT, mileage sat at 65,394. Cost of work £288.78.

Later that year in August it had a new radiator fitted, again in Battersea at a cost of £171,95.

On the 14th June 2010 it failed its MOT due to the ABS warning light being on, the offside front was replaced it then passed its MOT. Mileage was at 70,831 and the cost of the MOT and work £208,83.

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Sometime between 2010 and 2011 the 106 GTi was sold to the owner i purchased the car from. It was used in Bristol whilst he was at uni.

In March 2011 a new oil sump plug was purchased from Robins and Day in Bristol. On the 30th March a new aerial wire and fixing was brought. Total cost £15.85

Powerflex bushes were purchased from Bristol at a cost of £73.68 on the 4th April 2011. That month it also had a new coil pack purchased from Euro Car Parts costing £225.78. It was a very busy month as it also had a new lambda sensor at a cost of £57.47.

25th May 2011 it failed its MOT due to the nearside headlamp not working. It was retested on 27th June and passed. A new passenger side window motor was supplied and fitted too. Cost of parts and work £239.61. Mileage was at 75,749. Strangely enough this MOT was carried out back in Battersea.

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Around that time the engine wasn’t running right so second hand injectors where fitted and a service carried out. Total cost £268.50. The work was carried out in Bristol on the 26th May 2011.

In June a new clutch cable was purchased in Bristol at the cost of £19.46. That month a water pump, timing belt kit, and tie rod ends where purchased for £100 from a factors in Bishops Stortford.

On the 26th June 4 new Goodyear Duragrip tyres were bought for £240.00, 2 days later new Mintec discs and pads were purchased in Bishops Stortford at a cost of £63.60.

June 22nd 2012 it was MOT’d in Bishop Stortford, mileage was 84,989.

In January 2013 a new centre and rear silencer was purchased in Great Dunmow, Essex for £149.20. On the 22nd September a service kit was brought for £22.98 along with 2 wishbone ball joints a further £20.62.

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The final piece of pre Carwitter history is the last MOT on the 29th June 2013. The mileage was 95,173.

I purchased the car on the 5th July 2014 from Dunmow, Essex. Mileage was at 99,600. It’s now 15 years old and only has 3 former keepers.

Having such traceability on a car of this age is amazing. Naturally I’m keeping the dossier up to date with all the parts and work that is being done to the car.

…and if you were wondering, all of the above invoices come to a grand total of £4,111 and 64 pence. Ouch!

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