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Wo-Wo Detailing products review

12 Oct , 2015  

Here at Carwitter we are big on car detailing.

Personally, there is nothing more satisfying than having silky, smooth as glass paintwork and spending a good few hours getting it that way.

I had heard of a relatively new brand hitting the scene called Wo-Wo, and their gear looked pretty good. So when they got in touch asking if we wanted to review some of their kit we naturally said yes.

The Gear

We were sent the full range of Wo-Wo cleaning cloths. A deep pile lambswool wash mitt, a microfibre alloy wheel wash mitt. Twin layer drying towel and a 5 piece microfibre towel set that includes a glass cloth. Last but not least was a tin containing a 100g clay bar.

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The first thing to notice is that all the cloths come with their separate mesh bags. Primarily these are used so you can hang them up and air dry them, but it also keeps everything nicely separated instead of a having a huge pile of unorganised cloths like I normally end up with.

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Secondly is the quality of the cloths. They really are great, nice and thick – the lambswool wash mitt has such deep pile, you really lose your hand in it. Each item has a Wo-Wo label sewn into it which is a nice touch too.

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Using them

I hate, and i mean HATE cleaning alloys. Normally i do it with a brush, and it’s just so much farting about. And right at the very end after the rest of the car is cleaned you move it and realise you have missed parts, i just detest it.

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So the first thing we tried out was Wo-Wo’s microfibre alloy mitt. Total right tool for the job situation. It is so much easier than mucking about with a brush, just grab each alloy and rub the dirt off. Rinse in a bucket every now and then and your alloys are sparkling again in no time.

We have even caught it a couple of times on some of the sharper edges and it has held up fine!

Next we moved onto the lambswool wash mitt. That deep pile is superb at holding in the shampoo and water, you can easily wash a panel at a time with just one handful. It also traps the dirt nicely and rinses out well between panels.

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I used to use these real lambs wool mitts, but went off them as they seem to deteriorate quickly if not looked after precisely. Unfortunately thats what happened to the Wo-Wo mitt. It accidently made its way into the tumble drier and the next time i went to use it it just fell to pieces…

Drying the car off we used the twin sided drying towel. It is a little smaller than we expected, ideally twice the size would be better, but it did the job well and only really needed wringing out toward the very end of drying.

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Using some Autoglym Sealant and HD Wax after the wash, we tested out the microfibres. They are ultra soft and easily grabbed at the wax, taking it off cleanly. One cloth is enough for the whole car.

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But the real star of the selection was the white glass cloth. Even though the car had been cleaned thoroughly, we rubbed the windscreen with the dry glass cloth and watched as it got blacker and blacker.

It seemed to pick things up that weren’t there, things invisible to the naked eye. But it left the glass truly spotless, no smearing at all.

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We also tried the clay bar on the rear arches of the Clio, there were a few tar spots we needed to shift. The compound of the clay bar is quite soft, nearly the consistency of the Bilt Hamber stuff.

It’s a little sticky when touching it with dry hands, so make sure you only grab it with wet hands otherwise you find it embedded in your fingerprints.

With Wo-Wo’s help the Clio was looking spotless!

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Wo-Wo’s product line up is modest but it covers the essentials that everyone should have, whether you’re a seasoned pro detailer or just getting started.

The range starts at £7.99 for the microfibre alloy wash mitt and goes up to £16.99 for the wool mitts.

We have used all the cloths numerous times now over the last few months, and all but the lambswool has stood up to multiple uses/washes with ease.

The death of the lambswool was primarily our fault, but they can be hard to look after and maintain. So invest with caution on that front. A synthetic lambswool mitt would be a good edition to the line up-  just for ease of use.

You can check out the whole product range here on Amazon.

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