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Looking for adventure ? Come test the new BFGoodrich All Terrain T / AKO2

23 Jul , 2015  

Want to win an awesome trip of a lifetime? Look no further!

BFGoodrich have developed a new tyre called the All Terrain T/A K02 – a bit of a mouthful granted – but it has been created to be the best off road tyre available on the market.

It features 20% stronger side walls, 19% more grip on snow and 10% more grip on mud – when compared to the older T/A Ko tyres.


They also wear less when used on gravel thanks to a tougher compound being used. Another added advantage is the ability to take impacts without puncturing.

Anyway, enough about the tyres! You can win a trip to either the Grand Canyon, Iceland, Costa Rica or South Africa.

The trips last from around 8 to 10 days and will be for yourself and a plus 1. They all involve some sort of 4×4 driving, naturally. And rather more worryingly all come with a tandem parachute jump…luckily that isn’t mandatory!

So if you fancy the chance of seeing a far flung part of the world head on over to the competition page HERE. All you have to do is drop a tyre from a plane onto the target, simple.

Closing date is 26/07/2015. The winners will be notified at the beginning of August.





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