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Infiniti QX30 spotted testing in UK

11 Jul , 2015  

Yesterday whilst out on a Jaguar driving event we were returning to the Solihull plant and happened to get stuck in traffic right behind this.

Infiniti QX30 Testing In UK - 01

We were only about 7 miles or so from the plant, which made us initially think it was the baby Jaguar F-Pace that is in the works…however as Alex commented below it is the Infiniti QX30. The lights looked very Jag to us, but the tailpipes were all wrong. (Cheers Alex!)

Infiniti QX30 Testing In UK - 05

Infiniti QX30 Testing In UK - 03

Checking it on the DVLA against a Infiniti there is no history of the car.

But the shapes and rear lights are definitely off of the QX30 when finding other images of test cars online.

Infiniti QX30 Testing In UK - 04

Infiniti QX30 Testing In UK - 02

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  • Alex

    Infiniti QX30

    • Very well done! Couldn’t find what it was for love nor money! Well spotted 🙂