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Toyota Mirai gets 300 miles to a tank of Hydrogen

2 Jul , 2015  

Toyota Mirai - Hydrogen - Front - carwitter

Toyota are proudly shouting about having the first zero emission electric vehicle to go over 300 miles on one tank. It achieved 312 precisely, whilst managing 67 MPG.

The Mirai is a like a sharper looking Auris but with a boot attached, it looks a little odd and ungainly in appearance.

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Whilst that’s all well and good…current diesels can do well over that yet will cost (probably) half the price of the equivalent hydrogen models.

Until a manufacturer can bring out an alternative fuelled car that will manage 500, 800, 1000 miles to a single tank…and that tank cost around the same as petrol/diesel, and then that car to be only fractionally more expensive than its current ICE offerings, there will be no major revolution!

Toyota Mirai - Hydrogen Fuel Cell - Front - carwitter

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  • James

    I think when the time comes and the oil has well and truly run dry, we will see a sudden push by manufacturers to say “turns out we can do ‘green’ cars cheaply”. I’m sure that when the internal combustion engine was first invented it seemed expensive to begin with. Now, we are just on the same island but looking into a new horizon, so to speak. It will take a while, but these development stages are crucial and they lead to the revolution – when the time is right.