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Aston Martin: Surely. Time is up for these ageing Beauty Queens?

4 Apr , 2015  

Aston Martin DB9-frontAston Martin DB9 - front - carwitter

Catwalk Queens are generally held up as among the most beautiful women in the world.

They’re tall, slim, have flawless skin, have perfectly proportioned features, are youthful and, of course, are just simply, naturally beautiful.

But like most things in life they have a shelf-life and when they are judged to no longer be able to meet the ridiculously high criteria set they are replaced by the next generation of dazzling beauties.  Many bow out gracefully and move on to pastures new in other fields.

But some, desperate to cling on to the glamour the spotlight bestows upon them, are less willing to make way for their successors.  It’s usually at this point that the calls to the clinic start being made for a quick botox injection or skin peel, etc.  Over time of course, in a bid to hold on to their youthful beauty more intensive action is required, lifts, tucks, boob jobs and the likes.

The same is generally true in the car world.  The new, fashionable models eventually become comparatively old and outdated and make way for the next generation.

What once was the the most stylish design when released to a welcoming audience, usually gets superseded soon after.  That’s just the way the world works; old replaces new.  It’s Darwin’s theory, ‘survival of the fittest’

What on earth has this got do with Aston Martin following in the tyre tracks of Rolls-Royce and Bentley? Back in the late 90’s Rolls-Royce and Bentley were in a similar position to Aston Martin today, namely, they still looked the part, albeit a little outdated.

And just like the supermodels clinging to their youth, the calls had been made and several trips to the clinic taken to get the automotive equivalent of botox and boob jobs performed in a bid to keep them centre stage. But by then their supermodels had been around too long to keep the more youthful competition at bay.

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Worse still, under the clothes, the competition had long since passed them by, on almost all counts.   The subsequent acquisition of these two iconic luxury brands by BMW and VW respectively not only saved the marques, but fired new life into them.

Thankfully, their ageing catwalk queens were bowed out and the new generations of models were ushered in to a rapturous welcome.  Some 17 years later and both brands are strutting their respective stuff down ever expanding catwalks extending further around the globe.

This could have easily been the story at Aston Martin but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.  Now, it’s beauty queens are showing their age.  Yes, they still catch the eye but their best is behind them.  As they have tried to hold the spotlight in their advancing years, they also have made the call to the clinic, had the botox injections, a few implants here and there, and  even the boob job.

They are only still strutting their stuff because despite their age we still have a fondness for what they were and what they represent.  But be in no doubt, they are past their prime.

So it was all the more welcoming and of great relief to see Aston Martin full of fanfare at Geneva.  The unveiling of the ludicrously mental, although somewhat visually uninspiring, Vulcan

aston martin vulcan - front - carwitter

Aston Martin Vulcan

and the far more interesting and unusual, DBX crossover concept, was a good step in the right direction.

aston martin DBX concept - front - carwitter

DBX Concept

When you also add to the mix the Taraf (once intentioned solely for the Middle East but now likely to be made available in other markets),

Lagonda taraf - front side - carwitter

Lagonda Taraf

the upcoming AMG sourced engines, and that Aston’s CEO, Andy Palmer recently stated that each one of the current line-up would be replaced by the end of the decade, it’s clear that Aston Martin are bringing the new generation in.  It’s a nod to the old girls – ‘get your coats, your party’s over and your taxi’s here!’

So is this the point to which we’ll look back at in about 17 years time and say ‘the comeback began 2015’?

Can Aston Martin do what Rolls-Royce and Bentley have done?

As a brand it has a great history, it has the loyalty and fondness of car lovers and of course it has that magnificent gene pool.

So what could possibly go wrong?

Well, not much, surely.  All the right ingredients appear to be there.  They just need the financial support.  But there is just one niggling thought.  It doesn’t always follow that beautiful catwalk queens produce beautiful children.

No, surely that couldn’t happen to an Aston?

Written by – Ben Miles

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